Reunited And It Feels So Good: Brady & Gronk Take Tampa

Who would have ever thought that the NFL Draft would be the second biggest football story of the week during the times we are currently living in. The news came down earlier this week that future Hall of Famer, Rob Gronkowski would be coming out of retirement to join his former Patriots teammate, Tom Brady in sunny Tampa Bay. The Bucs are sending a fourth round pick to New England in compensation for Gronk.

Mulraney and I discussed this on our sports podcast “Corner Booth” and after taking a few days to assess the Bucs, I think they are now the favorites to win the NFC South and I think without question, they are the most exciting and potentially explosive offense in the NFC. I still believe they need some serious help with their offensive line and running game but you are now bringing in guys who will cement a culture that Head Coach Bruce Arians is trying to create. You have arguable the greatest quarterback and tight end in the history of football now leading your offense for the next three seasons, and who knows, Brady is so unpredictable, he might keep playing after that.

I am buying in the Bucs for this upcoming season and I think they will certainly be a playoff team in a conference that does not have as much talent or competitiveness as the AFC, the only issue for Brady and the Bucs is that the NFC South has become one of the tougher divisions in football, with a lot of questions marks. The Falcons, Panthers and Saints and Bucs all have huge question marks that need to be addressed by the time the season rolls around.

The Falcons are a team that underachieves year after year since they blew the historic lead in the Super Bowl, gamblers cannot quit this team, so much talent on paper but will they be able to execute when it matters, they added Todd Gurley to go along with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, not too shabby.

The Panthers are rolling with Teddy Two Gloves who is injury prone and hasn’t played a full season since his horrific leg injury that almost lost him his leg. They have poured jillions of dollars into Christian McCaffrey and have hired Matt Rhoule, a first time NFL coach to replace one of the most solid guys in the league, Ron Rivera.

The Saints, one simple question, will the hand injury to Drew Brees continue to slow down the aging quarterback or will the rest lead to Brees looking like the QB of old.

The Bucs, loaded offense playmakers with a shaky offensive line and lack of running game. The good news, the defense is underrated and I believe in their Head Coach, Quarterback, Front Office and Playmakers. All good signs of a team that can win a division.

The draft kicks off tonight and we will be recording a special draft pod, while we tune into the NFL draft, be on the look out for that!