The Corner Booth Episode 14: The Last Dance, Gronk Gets Traded, and the NFL Draft

Scors and I are back with the record setting 14th edition of The Corner Booth. On this week’s episode the guys breakdown the (then) breaking news of the Patriots trading Rob Gronkowski to the Tamp Bay Buccaneers where he will be reunited with Tom Brady, we talk The Last Dance and how painstakingly awesome it was, and we close out by discussing the NFL Draft.

Ten minutes before we recorded this episode the Pats and Bucs trade went down so we figured it would be a good way to kick off the pod. We like the Bucs offense next year needless to say.

Scors mentioned we might talk 30 for 30’s but the Gronk news took a lot of time and we never got to it, but long time listeners can attest to the fact that we often list things we never get too. Maybe next week!

How great was the Bulls documentary we have been shaking ESPN down for online for months? I couldn’t believe how fast it was going. Making us wait five weeks for this is cruel and unusual punishment. We discuss our favorite parts.

Finally, we close with some NFL Draft talk and the potential Live Stream we’re going to do on Thursday night.

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