Quarantine Confessions: I Am Getting Fat

Well, the headline says it all folks, I am gaining a substantial amount of weight during this quarantine. I love to eat, just plain and simple. The only reason I ever stop eating is because I feel like it is socially unacceptable to eat like a possessed animal. I cannot tell you the last time I was actually full and was like “oh wow, I need to stop eating”, that just doesn’t happen for me. Should I diet? Most likely, but it will be a cold day in hell when I stop eating the things that I love, I just refuse to do it. Let’s address something, is there anyone more annoying than the healthy eater who shoves it in your face? Or who says they are going to pig out and orders a grilled chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries? That would be my diet meal, not my pig-out meal, grow up people, nobody wants to hear about you being in shape and healthy, nobody cares.

With saying all that, I am officially unhealthy, my baseball playing days and flag football quarterback days are a distant memory at this point and I am doubling down during quarantine and am at my heaviest weight in years. So, the question becomes, what do I do now? Do I diet, start exercising, drinking more water or do I accept the fact that I didn’t choose the chunky life, the chunky life chose me. Decisions, decisions, I will admit, not caring about what I eat or envisioning a life of permanent sweatpants sounds like a dream come true. Probably doesn’t sound all that appealing for my beautiful wife who is as skinny as they come and is now becoming an accomplished runner. The fact of the matter is that if you are comfortable with yourself then it doesn’t matter, embrace it, be you and love it, I am happy with myself but, I noticed today that I climbed two flights of stairs and was out of breath, I can’t live like that. I am a young guy with a wife, who I can’t leave behind because I dropped dead from a heart attack.

So I made a decision, solely based on the fact that we are short on content and in reality if I die of a heart attack eating a meatball parm sub, then that’s how I would have wanted it anyway – I will start a diet and chronicle of weight loss here on the blog. Maybe this will make me stick to a diet for once. I have been struggling with my weight and my body image since I was ten years old when I get really sick, I was on 65mg of steroids everyday and got gigantic, it was so embarrassing, kids made fun of me and I eventually got over it and lost the weight when I was taken off the roids’ but it has been a struggle every since then and my weight has fluctuated non-stop. My wife always tells me how sexy I look, which makes me feel good, she is a tremendous wife and liar.

Am I going to start tonight, well, no you morons. Time to load up through Saturday. The official weigh-in will occur on Instagram @procrastination_sports and I will update my progress on there and on the blog. I am going to need the support so if you have any training or eating tips, feel free to comment in the blog or on our Facebook and Instagram and if you need to lose a couple lbs, then please join me on the journey. Time to look like a young Sly Stallone by 4th of July weekend.

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