The Corner Booth Episode 13: Worst Sports Movies, MLB Restart, and NBA Horse

Some skyscrapers live in fear of the number 13, but not ProcrastiNation and not The Corner Booth podcast. We kick things off talking about those sweet, sweet stimulus bucks we have all been promised and how dumb it was to live before air conditioning.

Then we transition into the good stuff. Scors and I breakdown our five worst sports movies of all time (by the way, check out Scors new movie podcast Production Delay).

We spend some time talking about the best replays of games from the weekend, where we can pretend we still have sports. Tiger winning the 2019 Masters and the Carmelo and D-Rose showdown from Easter in 2012. Oh, and Scors got to relive Eli hitting Plaxico Burress in the end zone to beat the unbeatable Patriots in the Super Bowl.

We take some time to discuss the NBA’s HORSE competition from Sunday, and how Paul Pierce might have the worst wifi of any rich person in America. I mean seriously, was he filming his shots with a toaster oven?

We finish up with MLB’s newest potential season restart plan which consists of two Spring Training leagues with brand new divisions which are wholly located in Arizona and Florida.

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