Stop Complaining! Nobody Wants To Hear It

Look, I have tried to grow as a person and become more understandable, I really have. The one thing I will not do is look down on someone or judge them, but sometimes I have to speak out when people jump on social media to complain about certain things that are bothering them in their daily lives. I have talked about my struggles, I am a recovering alcoholic, I am in therapy, I have done AA and I have been trying to grow and not let things get on my nerves, but damn, it bothers me to hear people complaining right now.

We are dealing with a global pandemic, it is the worst thing the world has seen since 1918, put that into perspective for a minute, this is unprecedented for people of multiple generations. People have lost their jobs, their lives, have had to isolate from elderly relatives and have had to prematurely bury relatives. Those are real problems, those are the complaints that we should be attending to, not the complaints I see from celebrities and people I know on social media.

I saw a post from a twenty something year old girl on Instagram the other day, I know her, she’s a nice person but she was complaining about how tough it has been for her to deal with the dreary weather and how ugly she feels because she hasn’t been able to go to the salon. Give me a break, seriously, read the room for me one time. Could you be more of a moron if you tried? Not going to the salon for a couple of months is not the end of the World. Is seasonal depression an actual thing? 100% it is but to not reference it as seasonal depression (if that’s what it is) and just say the dreary weather is bumming you out, is laugh out loud funny.

Are there other problems that are not life threatening or life altering but still can be viewed as problems? Of course, but I saw another post of guys complaining that he wasn’t able to go into the ultrasound room with his wife while he had to wait in the car. Yes, missing out on events with your pregnant wife and child to be are definitely difficult but come on man, thank the lord that your wife and child are healthy and you are about to be a father. Let’s not create a personal disaster because you have to wait in the car and facetime your wife during the appointment.

After this pandemic is over, we can all go back to bitching about our everyday lives but until then, I think we need to realize that we need to appreciate the good and fortunate things that we have in our lives. How about we post those experiences on our social media feeds, thank a nurse, share a fun story about quarantine. Let’s not spin the fact that we can’t get our hair cut or attend every single event with our healthy relatives, yeah it’s a bummer but let’s not beg for sympathy while people are losing their lives and not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

Lets keep pushing forward but before you post something to social media searching for likes, attention or some type of pat on the back, make sure you read the room and realize what is happening around all of us.