A Glimpse Into a Happier Sports Future

Photo by Wellington Cunha on Pexels.com

It is a dreary and rainy day in New York today. It’s the type of Monday you would dread if we all still had to go to the office. It has me reflecting on better days. That could be the news that COVID-19 hospitalizations have stabilized here in New York for the first time, or it could be the start of Spring, but for the first time during this pandemic, I feel more hope than despair.

Yesterday, we had our first sporting event on television for the first time since Rudy Gobert tested positive for the Coronavirus and stopped the sporting world. The NBA put on a haphazard HORSE competition that Paul Pierce filmed with a microwave of some sort. It looked and sounded awful, but I consumed every single second of it. I consumed every second of the 2019 Masters where Tiger Woods completed the greatest sports comeback in global sports history. It felt like sports were back and today’s news feels like we could be on the precipice of a return to normalcy.

The month or two we have and will have to live without sports could give us the greatest sports fall we have ever experienced. Scors and I have spoken about it on several episodes of The Corner Booth, our return to sports is going to cause us to spend that sweet, sweet stimulus cash on more screens and streaming devices.

Let’s walk through what a post-COVID pandemic sports world is going to look like because we all need a little more cheer on a gloomy Monday.

You wake up from a relaxing slumber in the late Fall. You crack a window to get some crisp Fall air in the apartment. The cool air reminds you that it is football season, and you need to cycle the same three players out of your Flex spot on the ESPN Fantasy Sports App. You stare at Brandin Cooks and DeSean Jackson on the waiver wire wondering if it’s worth it to drop a streaming tight end and play the odds of one long touchdown. There’s a big day of NFL RedZone ahead of you, but that’s why you realize, the ALCS finishes today.

You heard over to the MLB Network to think about today’s starting pitchers. Maybe if you get further from the Flex decision you’ll think clearer. It’s like one of those paintings you have to look past to truly see anyway. You listen to Sean Casey and Pete Rose break down how tonight’s game will come down to squeezing a run across against Gerrit Cole early before he settles into his groove. You mindlessly nod along as you attempt to set your Amazon Alexa to remind you the game is on Fox at 8p.m. Looks like you’ll be bouncing between Sunday Night Football and playoff baseball. There are worse things.

But then, Peter Gammons makes an aside about how now Tiger Woods is making his move on Sunday as he looks to retain the Green Jacket at Augusta National today in the first ever Fall Masters. Has The Masters already started today? Has Tiger teed off? You grab your phone, close the ESPN Fantasy Sports app and open up the regular ESPN app to see Tiger tees off at 12:18. Phew, safe.

Damn it, someone signed Cooks and now I’m looking at DeSean Jackson or Kenny Stills. It’s okay, everyone else is watching sports too right now.

You settle in for a dozen hours of non-stop sports programming. From the RedZone Quad Box, to the greens of Augusta, to a crisp Fall night at Yankee Stadium, to the non-stop stress of fantasy football.

This is our future my friends. We still have the chance to experience the greatest sports Fall of our entire lives. If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face in these trying and sports-less times, I don’t know what will.