ProcrastiNation Podcast Network Adds Movie Pod: Production Delay

What’s up everybody, hope you are staying healthy and safe during quarantine and watching a bunch of movies! Speaking of movies, do I have the podcast for you! ProcrastiNation Podcast Network continues to grow with the upcoming release of our movie podcast called “Production Delay”.

Two movie buffs sitting down together and discussing some of their favorite films or ones they have always wanted to see and have not had the chance to see just yet. I co-host the podcast with the man who only needs one name “Q”, he is a cinema wizard and we chose the 1995 blockbuster Heat as our first topic of discussion.

Producer Mulraney is working on getting that up at some point today, so please stay on the look out for that and if there is any movie that you want to have us watch and dissect please leave a comment or send us a message. We are thrilled about the growth of our podcast network and to welcome Q on board, he is a huge asset to the blog and our podcasting team!

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