Dana White is Buying An Island so UFC Can Resume

Photo by Oliver Sju00f6stru00f6m on Pexels.com

Like many of you, if I don’t watch someone play a sport professionally soon, I am going to suffer a schism from reality and start talking to imaginary bartenders until I freeze to death in a maze. Dana White sees this, and has decided to buy an island, to bring the UFC back.

This isn’t some sort of fever dream either, White is reportedly just a day or two away from securing Fight Island, and bringing us our most drastic step towards bringing at least professional fighting back.

White has always been every bit the promoter Vince McMahon is and can largely be viewed as one of the driving forces in mainstreaming mixed martial arts, so I would highly doubt he would incur this expense without having a potential card lined up and willing participants.

However, are big name prize fighters going to come to Fight Island to fight tin cans for pay days? What if someone gets sick? What kind of medical personnel are they going to have on-site? This is a brutal and violent sport! Will they have the capability to helicopter someone to an actual hospital?

Even my sports deprived and desperate brain came up with a million scenarios where I would feel bad about consuming the first non-Wrestlemania sporting event.

Like every last one of you, I can’t wait to see sports again and to argue with all of you on Twitter, but this virus is serious, and we need to wait it out, and not try to escape it by fleeing to potentially international waters just to get it back.