The Tampa Bay Rays Have Relocated To Orlando

Click bait city, courtesy of Scors. The Rays did re-locate but not in real life, in MLB The Show 20, in my man cave. The Orlando Ducks are the newest MLB organization, they will be playing in the AL East and along with the current Rays roster, Yasiel Puig, Ben Zobrist and Pat Neshek have been signed off the free agent wire. The season begins tonight at 4:35pm, eastern standard time when the Outlaws will square off against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Last night, I was sitting on my couch, a big fat lipper in, watching game five of the 1995 ALDS between the Mariners and Yankees. I started to miss baseball so much, I don’t have the MLB, the team that I coach in the summer has suspended games and practices until at least May, I sat there, depressed. Then, I saw a commercial for MLB 20 The Show, I don’t play many video games anymore but I said, screw it, I need some entertainment. I went and downloaded the game and after seven hours of downloading, I woke up this morning as the General Manager of the Orlando Ducks. It came down to two organizations being forced to re-locate, the Rays and the Mariners, if the Mariners were selected they would have moved to Las Vegas. I sat there considering where my new franchise should re-locate, since I am sober, I figured Vegas would be a tough spot for me to live and along with the fact that I am a degenerate gambler, it seemed like Orlando might be the more responsible move for me and my family at this time. In addition, I love Orlando, I love the weather, the fact that it is Disney country and you are only a 45 minute car ride to Cocoa Beach and an hour forty-five haul to Daytona Beach, perfect for me.

Some might say, why would we move a team who has struggled to maintain a fan base in Tampa and move them to Orlando? Well, that is a valid question, I am a man who likes to not pay close attention to the odds, we believe that baseball in Orlando can work. After a long day at Cocoa Beach or a day at one of the many Disney parks, what better way to unwind then to head to the ballpark for a 7:05 first pitch? Seems like a pretty good day to me. Not to mention there is so much more to do in Saint Petersburg/Tampa Bay, other than Disney or a long drive to the beach you have the Orlando Magic and now the Orlando Ducks. I would like to make it known that in real life, I hope the Rays never move because attending a game in Tampa is so much fun, the surrounding area is amazing, I would move there in a heartbeat, they just need a new and upgraded stadium.

I took questions from myself on a conference call this afternoon about my new role as GM and I think the message that I was trying to portray was loud and clear. We are focused on winning, we are not intimidated by the big markets in Boston and New York and we are determined to put a good product on the field and win this organization their first World Series Championship. We have a lot of faith in our manager Kevin Cash and the roster that we currently have. We believe we have the right mix of veterans and young players with massive amounts of potential.

Our official colors are Green, black and yellow. We will be wearing white and green jerseys at home and gray and green on the road, mixing in the black and yellow accent colors throughout both uniforms. It is a new brand and a new attitude, we are grateful for the commitment and environment that the Rays created and we hope to take that to the next level with Duck Ball.

I will keep you updated on the progress of this season and if people are interested we can setup an Instagram live so you can watch the games, I know everyone is clamoring for some baseball. If you are missing the game, it is time to jump on the bandwagon of the MLB’s newest team! Hear, hear to ProcrastiNation and the Orlando Ducks!