Phil vs Tiger, Peyton vs Tom: We Need It

Rumors have been circulating recently that a deal is close to being in place for a Phil Mickelson vs Tiger Woods golf match up for later in the month or early May. Since that news was announced it has also been speculated that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning would round out that foursome and we would get a Mickelson/Manning vs Woods/Brady match.

I think this would be must watch television regardless of the situation but during this pandemic and our quarantine, this would without a doubt be glued to your seat television. I would pay $100 right now to watch this. I am not sure if they will be charging us for this and then donating the money to COVID-19 relief efforts, I think that would be awesome and it is something they should do. The other possibility is that they put it on TV for free and give everyone something to smile about amidst the chaos, layoffs and financial issues that many of Americans and people around the World are facing, I can’t argue with that either.

This got me thinking of some other duos that I would love to see paired with Tiger and Phil. Obviously, the number one duo would be former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump. Each player puts up 500k and the losing foursome has to double their contribution, the total amount of money goes to COVID-19 relief efforts. I never get political on this blog but I do think the only thing that would hold this foursome up would be the fact that President Trump would not want to look bad playing golf on national television. I do think Trump is a much better golfer than Obama but the chance of chunking a wedge from 110 out would not be something The Donald would want to risk. If you think that the relationship between Obama and Trump would hold this up, not necessarily, we are social distancing and golf allows you to never speak with the people you are playing with if you don’t feel the need.

If the President and former President are not available what if we got an all bad-ass type of foursome. We get Sly Stallone and Tiger to go up against Phil and Mark Wahlberg. Both guys would be hilarious mic’d up, they are both avid golfers and decent athletes in their own right, this would be a good ol’ laugh for all the viewers and we would get to see athletes and actors associating up close and personal for four hours.

We need some type of enjoyment during this shit time, maybe if we get some time to sit-down and relax we can take our mind of off the struggle. The doctors, nurses, first responders need PPE and they needed it yesterday, a shit ton of money could be raised and it could just be sent to hospitals and health care facilities throughout the country, this golf match could provide an enormous amount of income. Let’s do the right thing, get this done and help out the people who deserve it all at once.