Internet Remains Undefeated: Jordan/Bulls Doc Gets Early Release

The fact of the matter is that we all miss sports, I wake up everyday and wish that there was some type of professional sporting event taking place. When the quarantine started to really get rolling, the internet came together and bombarded ESPN to release the Michael Jordan and 90’s Bulls documentary called ‘The Last Dance’. This is going to be a 10-part documentary series that covers the good and the bad of the Jordan-era Chicago Bulls. This is as close to pro sports as we are going to get and I for one cannot wait, I have such high expectations for this documentary. The documentary was originally supposed to be released in June but because of the quarantine and the plummeting ESPN ratings with no sports on TV, this move made sense and it will be here this month.

ESPN has continually fallen farther and farther away from what made them great when I was growing up but the one phenomenal thing that they do is their documentaries and specifically their 30 for 30 series. This documentary will be able to talk about so much that sports fans have wanted answers to for decades. I am hoping we find out more about Jordan’s first retirement and the gambling problems that many people believe led to him being forced to “retire” for a couple years. I have been going back and forth on what my next “Sports Conspiracy” blog will be about and I have been considering the whole Jordan gambling saga. I also think the relationships on this team are going to be fascinating to see explained, Phil Jackson handling this roster, Pippen v. Jordan, Rodman v. Pippen, Jordan slapping Steve Kerr in the mouth.

Growing up in the 90’s and early 00’s this team was polarizing, I loved Michael Jordan and these Bulls teams, as an eight year old kid the 97-98 Bulls are still very vivid memories for me. I remember having the 98 finals on videotape and the Bulls introductions were electric, even then I was ready to run through a brick wall.

I know that Lebron gets compared to Jordan a lot, both on and off the court, I can’t stand Lebron and have been one of Jordan’s biggest supporters forever. Watching him eviscerate my Knicks, having the coolest shoes in the game, the countless commercials, Space Jam and so much more, you cannot compare Jordan in the 90’s to anyone, he was popular beyond words. I remember wearing my Jordan 23 jersey and my best friend Mike wearing a Jordan 45 jersey and us shooting in his driveway for hours. I would always sing the “Like Mike” song in my head, with the tongue hanging out, bricking shot after shot off of the backboard.

If you weren’t a basketball fan during this time, I don’t think you can wrap your head around how great these teams were, not just Jordan but this entire roster was loaded with phenomenal players and an outstanding coaching staff. They changed the way basketball was played and Jordan was able to bring basketball to the mainstream and become as popular as it ever was or will be. If you don’t remember these teams or didn’t appreciate them, I think this documentary is going to remind you how great, entertaining and tumultuous these teams were. The OJ documentary’OJ: Made In America’ was unreal, the five-part documentary was the best that I have ever seen and I have just as high of expectations for this documentary. I have been dreaming of a Jordan-era Bulls documentary for years and it is coming this month, cannot wait.