Howard Stern & His Wack-Pack

*** Some Material In The Blog May Not Be Suitable For The Easily Offended; Adult Content and Adult Language In The Videos***

The King of all Media, Howard Stern has become the greatest radio personality of all time. He has certainly evolved over the years and his show has become more tame, politically correct and he has been able to broadcast some of the greatest interviews of all time.

I grew up listening to Howard Stern, on the way to school my Mom would put Howard on the radio and we would listen, this was during the time when he was on terrestrial radio. At night I would turn the TV on in my room when I was supposed to be asleep and I would watch the Stern Show on the E! channel, doesn’t get more early 2000’s than that.

There was a golden era of this show and I along with a lot of other Stern fans believe that that era was from 1995-2009 and more specifically 2005-2008. During that period of time the show was funny, reckless, held back no punches and us New Yorkers felt that Stern along with Robin Quivers, Artie Lange, Benji Bronk and Fred Norris were the voices that we had heard everywhere in our everyday life, but they were being showcased on the radio.

During this time, Stern would feature his fans on the air, guests who would call into the show religiously. These certain callers were wacky, outrageous, out of touch and as a parody of the infamous “Rat Pack” they were named the “Wack Pack”. There were so many outrageous members of this group and as a die-hard Stern show fan, I have decided to do my top five greatest Wack Packers of all time, sit back and enjoy these classic clips during quarantine:

5. Sour Shoes – His real name is Michael DelCampo, he has appeared on many radio shows through the years, most prominently on the Howard Stern Show. He also would always call into Mike and the Mad Dog doing various impressions including Chris Russo and Mike Francesa. He uses a plethora of sound machines and musical instruments to include in his prank phone calls and impressions.

4. Angry Alice – There is nothing better than when Alice would call in and Artie would goof around and get her fired up. Alice would never back down and I can still hear my mother laughing out loud to the back and forth between Artie and Alice. She doesn’t call in as much as she used to and it is just another example of what die-hard fans miss from the Stern show.

3. Jeff The Drunk – Born and raised in the Capital District of New York, where I am from, it was always like seeing a celebrity if you were fortunate enough to bump into the one and only Jeff Curro at the bowling alley. Jeff has been a fixture on the show since the 90’s and still calls into this day and is a reminder of the chaos that used to unfold on a daily basis on this show.

2. Beetlejuice – The one and only Beet, he is a must follow on Instagram, guy is absolutely hilarious and says whatever is on his mind. He is regarded as the greatest Wack Packer of all time by many and I was close to putting him at number one on my list but he came up just short and falls to the number two slot.

  1. Eric The Actor – There was nobody ever like Eric Lynch, bound to a wheelchair with multiple physical ailments, Eric refused to ever feel sorry for himself and would continually yell at the crew. Howard was able to make Eric’s dreams come true and got him acting jobs on shows such as American Dreams, In Plain Sight and Fringe. Rest In Peace to Eric, he is missed by all fans of the Stern show.

There ya go folks, the Stern Show top five Wack Packers. Hopefully this gives you a laugh today. Look, a lot of this is extremely off color humor, politically incorrect and offensive, but these were different times, take it for what it is. Stern has evolved and doesn’t do this type of humor as much anymore. Long live Howard Stern, the King of all Media.