The Corner Booth Episode TEN: Brady is a Buc, Cam Released, and Syndergaard Breaks My Heart

Do you love the NFC South? Well do we have an episode for you.

I don’t know if you know this with all the sports news going on but Tom Brady, a little heralded quarterback from a small school in Michigan who became the greatest quarterback of all time has signed in Tampa Bay to be a Buccaneer. He chose this willingly and Scors and I discuss what this means, why we believe this happened, and what it means for Famous Jameis Winston.

From Tampa Bay, we work our way north to discuss the Carolina Panthers horrific mistake in releasing quarterback Cam Newton. Scors and I list out potential locations where Cam could land and how the NFC South looks with all of its new and old quarterbacks.

We briefly touch on the news of the COVID-19 virus leading to the postponement of the Olympic Games until 2021, as well as the idea that baseball may play Saturday doubleheaders to get a full season in and what that means for roster configuration.

Finally, we close on Tuesday’s news that Noah Syndergaard of the New York Mets will need Tommy John surgery. I am heartbroken.

All that and more in The Corner Booth. If you don’t want to leave this window open for an hour, listen to us on Spotify.

Shout-out to career sponsor number one, Novus Clothing Company. Music is “Coalescence” provided by Punch Deck.

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