The Corner Booth Episode 9: NFL Free Agency Starts, the Coronavirus Continues to Halt Sports, and Rick Pitino Heads to Iona

Hi, are you in quarantine or working from home and you miss hearing your friends complain that there are no sports on? Do you want to hear other people commiserate around no sports? Well then you’ll enjoy for the first 5 minutes of our podcast!

After that, we start to talk about Tom Brady and his announcement he’s leaving the Patriots. We list the best places for him to sign, when he makes his decision.

We find out live on air that Kevin Durant has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. We also discuss what we believe will happen as each sports season gets pushed back week by week as we await professional sports to return.

Iona College brings in Rick Pitino and we discuss what that means for the MAAC Conference and how successful the former Louisville coach will be in New York.

Since we are in a period of limited sports contests, Scors and I are looking to review older sporting events that meant something to us as fans and memorable moments from the major sports throughout our lives. Next week we will be discussing the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals match between the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks where Roy Hibbert stops Carmelo Anthony at the rim. If you would like to hear us review a major game or contest from your life, let us know in the comment section or in the DM’s of social media accounts.

All that and more in The Corner Booth. If you don’t want to leave this window open for an hour, listen to us on Spotify.

Shout-out to career sponsor number one, Novus Clothing Company. Music is “Coalescence” provided by Punch Deck.