30 for 30 in 30 to 90 days

I came out the gate for this blog strong. Strong as a young thoroughbred, kicking up sand and dirt as I blazed ahead, fans cheering, only to round the corner and fall behind. Days became weeks and I didn’t post. Leaving you all out in the cold, wondering, waiting when I might return. But no, this horse isn’t going to the glue factory, no not today because big time players make big time plays in big time games and that my friends is what Im here to do. Ive returned to help my fellow bloggers in their time of need. A time where those seeking sports, seeking humor, seeking their life before coronovirus struck them and took away everything. Now granted, its only been a week since the NBA ended and every other sport that followed and we’ve only been working from home for a few days but thats beside the point because Ive returned to hoist this blog upon my shoulders once again, lifting Scors and Mulraney and Stevie Ray and SB up into my arms and bringing them to the promiseland.

Now due to the recent coronavirus hysteria -and yes, I said it, hysteria, we have been left with a vacuum without sports. Nothing, zilch, zero. And dont start with the “Oh well theres cricket and soccer and rugby!” no shut the fuck up those aren’t real sports. Its over, its done, forget about it, in the trash, yesterday’s newspaper. So what Ive decided to do, for the fate of this blog, for the fate of mankind, and for every soul seeking the life they once knew -is to watch every single 30 for 30 there has ever been and review them for you. Breaking down each 30 for 30, in no specific order (aka whatever ones I want to watch first), so you can relive the greatest, most spectacular and at times even most peculiar stories and headlines that have been produced by ESPN.

How will I do this? How will achieve the impossible? Well Ill tell you. A few months back, Scors and I wanted to watch the Cerrone-McGregor fight but we needed ESPN+ to do so. Always nimble and quick on our feet, we devised a plan. A plan not even the thieves at Disney could stop -we both went in on it. We used my account to pay for ESPN+, split the difference and shared the password. And yes, I know, ingenious and crafty. With said subscription I now have access to ESPN’s entire library of 30 for 30s. Am I little bit scared? Of course not. Do I think I bit off a tad more than I can chew? Did I even check how many 30 for 30s there were before I decided to do this? Of course not! How long will I even remain committed to this? Realistically, probably not long. The plan is to watch them all and review them for you in the 30 to 90 days we have to stick out this coronoavirus madness but who knows, it could be 2021 and I may have only watched 3. Stay tuned.