Tom Brady Says Goodbye To New England

What a way to start a Tuesday morning! Tom Brady took to social media to announce that he would be leaving the New England Patriots and continuing his football career elsewhere. Brady was drafted by the Patriots with the 199th pick in the NFL Draft and became the greatest Quarterback to ever live, winning six Super Bowls with the Pats and appearing in the big game nine times.

It is still unclear as to where Brady will be heading, it seems that it is down to three teams, the Raiders, Chargers and Buccaneers. Regardless of where he ends up, there will be a noticeable shift in the NFL landscape, the AFC East is becoming increasingly younger at Quarterback and the Patriots now have to decide which direction they will go at that position.

Brady and Belichick both want to prove to the World that they can win without the other person, it’s only natural, it’s the competitive fire that has made this duo the greatest in NFL history.

Brady will go down as the greatest athlete in the history of Boston sports, no questions asked, now the question becomes, will he stay in the AFC? Will he go bring in a new era of football to Las Vegas or try to make the Chargers the number one football priority in Los Angeles. Does he surprise everyone and head to Tampa Bay, play for Bruce Arians and have the ability to throw to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin all year, that could be a very impressive offensive unit.

I am a Giants fan, die-hard, since birth, I love Belichick for orchestrating the 86′ and 90′ defenses that brought the G-MEN their first two Super Bowls. In regard to Brady, maybe it’s easier for me to love the guy because we beat him twice in the Super Bowl, but if you can’t respect his greatness then you have a big ol’ dump in your pants. The haters of the Brady and Belichick era will shiver at the thought of the Pats, Brady and his new team continuing their reign of terror and all the haters will be wishing losses upon them both in this upcoming season.

One thing is for sure, it will be entertaining, the announcement was huge but the most exciting part is still ahead. Waiting, and discovering where Brady will end up and who will be under center for the Patriots on opening weekend for the first time since Drew Bledsoe, wild.