Iona Names Slick Rick Pitino As Head Coach

If you are looking for a blog that is going to bash Rick Pitino, then you have come to the wrong place. I am a huge Pitino fan and I think he is the greatest college basketball coach of all time. You can shove the vacated wins, final fours and championship where the sun don’t shine, when the games were being decided on the court, this guy was a legend. I don’t acknowledge the vacated wins for Pitino, just like I don’t acknowledge them for USC football or the Fab Five of Michigan. You have to sit back and realize how difficult it is to win a championship at two different schools, how hard you ask? Well, Pitino is the only coach to ever do it. There will be no Pitino shaming and I certainly won’t be making jokes about fast finishes, intimate moments in restaurants or being extorted by a psychotic mistress, I will not do it, not for one second

On Saturday, the Iona College Gaels agreed to terms with Pitino for him to become their next Head Basketball Coach. Iona College is in New Rochelle, New York and they play in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, more commonly referred to as the MAAC.

The Iona ties run deep here at ProcrastiNation, SB is an Iona guy through and through and we were going to actually be roommates on campus. I attended orientation, SB and I were ready to take the campus by storm and then I had some family issues come up, affordability, etc. and I ended up slumming it at my local community college. One of my biggest regrets is not finding a way to make it work at Iona, would have been a blast. I digress, as I have mentioned, I am a huge Pitino guy and I am now officially an Iona fan, anywhere Pitino goes, I will follow.

Mulraney and I had Siena star, Elijah Burns on the Corner Booth, we are huge Elijah fans so thankfully Elijah has finished up his career at Siena, Iona’s rival or I would have been deeply conflicted. I do feel bad for the MAAC, Iona has practically been the dominant team in the conference tournament for the last nine seasons under Head Coach Tim Cluess, who stepped down from the position due to rumored health concerns. Cluess will go down as one of, if not the best coach in the history of the MAAC. Now, the MAAC has to deal with Pitino, it’s over, Iona is going to win this conference tournament for the next ten years, and don’t think for a second that Pitino isn’t going to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament with the Iona Gaels, he will. He has won everywhere he has ever been in the college game, he has learned from his mistakes and is going to bring on a trusted, veteran and able coaching staff who will be able to recruit the very best.

Pitino is a New York guy, he is going to excel at Iona, basketball is in this guys blood and he will probably coach until the day he dies. He is 67 right now, I could see him being at Iona for ten years realistically and if he stays and wins at another mid-major, you have to realize what I already know, Pitino is the greatest college basketball coach of a generation and Iona has just made a major splash not just in the MAAC but throughout all of college basketball.