The Masters Has Been Postponed; A statement from Scors Regarding The Blog

The corona-virus has made its way to the golf world. The PGA has cancelled the remainder of the Players Championship has suspended play for all events moving forward. There was no official word about the Masters as of this morning, well that all changed. The Masters has released a statement that the most prestigious tournament in all of golf will be postponed, not cancelled. It is expected that the tournament will be played in the fall, the thought of Augusta in the fall sounds pretty good to me, but right now, this is another tough pill to swallow.

Look, when I started this blog and podcast network, I set it up so that we did not pigeonhole ourselves with only covering sports and churning out sports content. Mulraney, Olivia and I have already started discussing the proper steps to take so that our website and the growth we have seen doesn’t suffer. We do a lot of other things on this site and we will continue to expand and put out content for our readers that is hopefully intriguing, funny and thought provoking. I won’t lie, not having a sports in my life is a tremendous hole and during this time of year not having the NCAA tournament and The Masters is going to be a surreal feeling.

At this point, we have been entertaining you for over two months and you have been able to read and listen to what we do on a daily basis. We want to pump out content that is appealing to our readers, let us know what you are interested in reading about and we will try to continue to give you the blogs that you find enjoyable and keep you coming back to our website.

I am hopeful that although this is a tough time for everybody that it brings our country closer together in a time when we certainly need it, hopefully it changes or habits for the better and we are able to learn something from it.