Tuesday Night Hoops: Conference Tournament Time

It’s Tuesday night and the lack of meaningful sports is about to come to an end, it is conference tournament week, time to rejoice. In a week we will have the NCAA tournament back in our lives if the coronavirus doesn’t wipe it out. The Ivy League announced today that they would be cancelling their tournament and would be giving an automatic bid to regular season champion Yale. As a sports fan, our brains are much different than the average citizen who is engaged in the day in and day out news cycle. I wasn’t trying to panic regarding coronavirus but when sports start to get cancelled, congratulations virus, you have my attention, loud and clear.

Look, I have a big night ahead of me, coronavirus has declared a state of emergency in my state but that’s not going to stop your favorite blogger from churning out content for you. I am recording “The Corner Booth” watch the conference tourney games, watch the bachelor, record an interview for the podcast and throughout this entire time, I need to stay healthy. Not all heroes wear capes.

Let’s focus on the conference tournaments that are getting started tonight, we have a variety of good games and we need to start building our bank roll before next week, this is crunch time, time to make moves and put ourselves in a position to be spitting gold coins out of our mouth by the end of this month.

The ACC tournament kicks off in Greensboro this afternoon at 4:30, we got Pittsburgh vs Wake Forest. This game is a battle of two teams who underachieved big time this season. I personally had much higher expectations for Wake Forest this season, they finished 6-14 in ACC play this year, tied with Pittsburgh and UNC for last place. Pittsburgh (-2) has realized quickly that the grass isn’t always greener since firing Jamie Dixon who has gone to TCU and compiled a 78-44 record in four years, during his time at Pittsburgh (2003-2016) he led them to 11 NCAA tournament appearances in thirteen seasons, a CBI Championship and won over twenty games twelve times and won thirty games or more twice. Since his departure Pittsburgh has been a dump hole and I have zero confidence in this program, I like Wake Forest getting the points in this game.

Continuing in the ACC tournament the North Carolina Tar Heels (-4.5), having their worst season in decades square off against Virginia Tech. I was slowly starting to buy in on North Carolina getting healthy and gearing up for a couple game winning streak in the ACC tournament until they got bum rushed by Duke over the weekend. I do think that UNC has better guards than Virginia Tech and in a game like this, that has two bad teams, I am going to go with Roy Williams, I don’t love the line but this is a game where you take North Carolina and plug your nose, you can live with losing but if you take VT and Carolina shows up with the talent we normally expect from them, that will be a hard pill to swallow.

We shift our focus to the CAA tournament and potentially my favorite game on the board tonight. Northeastern takes the court against Hofstra (-1). This game is so tempting it scares the bejesus out of me. There is no reason that Hofstra shouldn’t be a six- or seven-point favorite in this game, they looked like world beaters down the stretch this season and they finished CAA play with a 14-4 record. This is what is commonly known as a suckers game, and if I was smart I would advise you to look at Northeastern on the ML, but I am not smart, I have loved Hofstra for weeks, I think they are a NCAA tournament dark horse team. With saying all of this, they will probably get blown out in this game, but I am an idiot and I will not be taking my own advice.

A couple other games that I like tonight:
Alcorn State (+6.5)
Niagara (PK)
North Dakota State (-6)