The Bachelor Episode XII: The Finale Pt. Dos

We are back, one more ride until Bachelor In Paradise, this is the conclusion of Pilot Pete’s journey for love, let’s get to it:

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So, I apologize, I am going to do my best of covering this finale but I am in the middle of podcasting and recording interviews for our show, this is an incredibly busy evening, all for the good of ProcrastiNation.

Peter wakes up and gets a visit from Neil Lane, the diamond man and Peter tells him that he is choosing Hannah Ann, he is going to propose. Peter FaceTimes Hannah Ann’s Dad, affectionately referred to as the ax man, if Peter doesn’t end up with Hannah Ann, he is in deep shit cause daddy ax plays for keeps.

Wait a minute, Chris Harrison arrives and informs Peter that Hannah Ann is not going to show up to the rose ceremony, absolute game changer. Peter is in shock, he feels like he is going to pass out, the drama is unbelievable.

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Peter is laying on the bed, in a full blown panic attack. It is up in the air whether or not Hannah Ann is going to actually show up. Chris Harrison returns and tells Peter that Hannah Ann is indeed coming, he emerges from the bed and walks to the final rose stage, deciding on whether or not to propose to Hannah Ann. Hannah Ann reluctantly approaches Peter, they embrace as their heart beats are able to be heard through their microphones. Peter with tears in his eyes, begins to speak to Hannah Ann about the first night when they met, he recounts the time he gave her the first impression rose and how he has cherished their journey together. Peter tells her that he is in love with her and he wants to marry her, he drops down to one knee and proposes, Hannah Ann says yes! Hannah Ann is looking like she is acting and not happy that she was chosen, it is a bizarre reaction, I am shook by this. How is this going to end because I have a tough time believing that these two will have a happy ending together.

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We fast forwarded to Peter’s hometown and he is going to tell his parents the news of his engagement. Pete’s Mom, Barbara breaks down in tears yet again with one of the ugliest cries in the history of the universe. Peter tells his family that he is engaged to his person, Barbara’s facial expressions are classic, like one of a kind, I wish you could see this. Peter says he asked Hannah Ann to marry him and Barbara starts howling like a wounded wolf, continually screaming “we love her, we love her”.

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They Facetime Hannah Ann and she is faking it up hardcore yet again, this relationship is about to crash and burn in this bloggers opinion. We cut live to the Bachelor studio and Peter comes out to talk with Chris Harrison, this is unprecedented, we have gone from taped show to now live, as we speak in Los Angeles. We have just landed in Bananaland people, this is something like we have never seen before. The live cuts to Barbara are amazing, she looks like she wants to kill Peter.

We cut back to the tape, Hannah Ann arrives in California to see Peter. Peter tells Hannah Ann that he is struggling with the decision that he made and although he loves her he doesn’t know if he can proceed. I was wrong, Hannah Ann is in love and Peter is the one looking to back out of this relationship, Hannah Ann is displaying some serious loyalty while Peter looks to jump ship. . Folks, I have to go record a podcast for about twenty minutes, I will return and finish this up. I will get the updates from my bride and I will do my best to piece in together.

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I’m back. Apparently Peter is still in love with Madison, he broke up with Hannah Ann. Hannah Ann showed up to the live show and told Peter that he is not a man, he is weak and Peter’s Mom Barbara cheered on Hannah Ann right in Peter’s face. Hannah Ann put Peter on blast and Barbara was eating it up, she despises her own son, Hannah Ann said she is a real woman and Peter is the farthest thing from a real man.

Madison and Peter are reunited and she tells Peter that she missed Peter and wanted to see him. We continue to get a corner box shot of Barbara who is rolling her eyes at Peter and Madison.

Madison arrives live on stage and her and Peter look to be falling in love with each other, they both admit that they are in love with each other. Peter tells the live studio audience that he needs to heal, he wants to heal and love with Madison and that he is happy to be sitting with Madison. Barbara gets the microphone and tells the World that she still loves Hannah Ann and that Madison did not show the affection or courtesy to her, her family or her son.

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Barbara is going to loved and hated by the American people but I for one know electric when I see it and this is like watching Randy Johnson hurl fastballs in his prime. She is not shy and this is the beauty of the Bachelor, this episode lived up to the hype the most crazy and epic showdown in the shows history. Peter pleads with his family to accept Madison because he loves her, Barbara is staring daggers at her son and his new lady. This is something that the viewers have needed, we deserved it, Barbara continues to lambaste Madison and finally Madison decides to defend herself. Barbara says that nobody in her family or any of Peter’s friends think this will work and that Madison doesn’t deserve Peter. Chris Harrison asks Pete’s Dad for his opinion and Barbara mumbles something to him in Spanish it sounded like, complete gag order on Papa Weber. This was shocking, disruptive and unbelievable. Barbara from the top rope! She stole the show, Peter did not defend Madison enough in my opinion, sweet Jesus.

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Madison and Peter are going to give it a try but Barbara you are my hero, I love you, thank you for making this crap filled season worth every single second. THIS ONE GOES OUT TO YOU BARB, MY SWEET, SWEET, ELECTRIC FACTORY! CUE THE MUSIC!

Well, there it is, I hope you enjoyed this season of Bachelor blogging as much as I did. Thanks to everyone who read this each week and liked the content we were putting out for the greatest reality TV show of all-time. Until we meet again for Bachelor in Paradise please continue to read the blog and listen to our podcasts. Hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation!