Dolan & Knicks Dump Gasoline On The Dumpster Fire!

Once again, James Dolan and the New York Knicks have found another way to alienate their loyal fan base. Monday night, Knicks security was ordered to re-route entry to the greatest Knicks fan of all time, Academy Award winning Director, Spike Lee.

Spike has been sitting courtside at MSG since 1992 and has been a season ticket holder in other seats since the mid 1980’s. Adjusted for inflation, Spike Lee has spent well over ten million dollars on Knicks season tickets through the years. Since 1992, he has used the same entrance which is clearly designated for employees and media personnel only, but to Spike’s defense, he has been using this entrance without reprimand for 28 years.

Dolan attempted to go and talk to Spike at halftime of the Knicks vs Rockets game on Monday, a game in which the Knicks had their statement win of the season, in typical Knicks fashion, that was overshadowed with James Dolan and his kazoo playing bullshit. The cherry on top of the disorganization sundae was that Monday morning, the Knicks introduced via press release, Leon Rose as the new Director of Basketball Operations. Rose was gag ordered by Dolan and the Knicks did not schedule a press conference for him to address this dumpster fire on wheels that has plagued this fan base since 2000.

The issue I have is that the Knicks cannot do anything quietly, we have to make a grand production about an entrance issue with Spike Lee. Spike claims that he was never made aware of the change in protocol and if he was, he would have abided by the new MSG rules. James Dolan waddled his ass across the floor at halftime and met with Spike and after Spike’s appearance on First Take the Knicks released a press release with grainy images of Spike and Dolan conversing and a Getty Images photo of the entrance in question. In typical Knicks fashion, the press release was catering to Dolan and was more of an embarrassment than the actual “incident”.

For the first time in my Knicks fandom, I have 100% prescribed to the idea that we will never win an NBA Championship in my lifetime. The problem is that there isn’t even a glimmer of hope outside of R.J. Barrett and Mitchell Robinson who us as fans make out to be better than they are just so we can make these games somewhat watchable. Our only chance is to draft well and develop young players, the Knicks have been incapable of doing this for decades, so we shouldn’t be hopeful about that possibility.

The Spike Lee incident is just another poop sandwich in the buffet line, Dolan has disgraced the heart and soul of the 90’s Knicks, Charles Oakley. He hasn’t even interviewed Patrick Ewing for a coaching position when he publicly wanted to be considered to coach the team. He has banned fans from the garden for simply chanting “sell the team”. He has taken season tickets away from lifelong fans for criticizing the team and accompanies that by telling them to go root for the Nets. Comparing the Nets to the Knicks right now is like comparing apples to concrete, rooting for the Nets right now would be like getting a crisp glacier freeze Gatorade after walking through the desert, comparatively speaking to being a Knicks fan.

Dolan is never going to sell the team, he is going to watch the fans suffer while is frumpy dumb face blows the bejesus out of his kazoo, laughing all the way to the bank and cashing in his BILLIONS right in our face. Sometimes, you need to look in the mirror and us as fans are somewhat responsible. We continue to watch the games, go to the garden, but memorabilia and apparel. When I lived in New York, I loved going to Knicks games, even when they were winning fourteen games a year, I was there and spending the money on Dolan’s product that he put out on the court that was awful, year after year. I wish we could just stop showing up and have Dolan roll into the garden one night and see nobody sitting in the arena, the players don’t deserve that, but a message needs to be sent to Dolan at some point. Adam Silver isn’t going to step in and take this team away so we will need to sit here and watch our beloved franchise continue to burn, with no relief in sight.