The Bachelor Episode X: Women Tell All

Welcome back everyone, this blog is not going to be as long as normal because the Women Tell All is just going to be a bunch of back and forth between the eliminated ladies. I will highlight some of the big issues that arise during the tell all but we will spend most of this Monday together previewing what to expect in the finale of Pilot Pete’s wild ride as the Bachelor. So, here we go, the tenth bachelor blog of the season is here and ready to roll:

Before the women take the stage, we get to pick up at the rose ceremony that features Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria, we were left with a stunning cliffhanger last week when Madison had not shown up for the rose ceremony just yet. Peter was crushed and left hanging in the balance with Madison. Peter and Chris Harrison have a discussion about Madison and the uncertainty surrounding her situation, Chris is surprised that Peter has not seen Madison since she left their one on one date.

Victoria and Hannah Ann are at the rose ceremony, wondering where Madison is, Peter arrives and looks devastated. Everyone knows about the ultimatum and at this point it is the elephant in the room. Then, out of nowhere, Madison arrives. She tells Chris that she is unsure if she is still falling in love with Peter at this point.

Peter heads to the rose ceremony in tears and he is visibly conflicted. The first rose goes to Hannah Ann, she happily accepts. The final rose of the night, and the rose that will send one of these ladies to meet Pete’s parents, goes to, Madison. The Cinderella story of 15-seed Victoria upsetting the field has come to an end, one shining moment am I right. . . Madison pauses and hesitantly walks up to Peter, with tears in his eyes Peter asks “will you accept this rose”? Madison forces out “yeah” and the two embrace.

Victoria says her goodbyes to Hannah Ann and Madison as Chris Harrison gives Peter a pat on the back for support. Peter takes Victoria by the hand and escorts her to a veranda overlooking the water. Peter commends Victoria putting her heart out there while he smashes it to pieces with a sledge hammer. Victoria has heard enough of Peter’s recycled Bachelor lingo and says she doesn’t want to hear it, she climbs into the back of a stretch limo and heads out, leaving Peter and their relationship behind.

Hannah Ann, Madison and Peter share a glass of champagne and Madison toasts to seeing if “love can conquer all”…. oh the sweet, sweet drama.

The women tell all was a heap of garbage so not even worth typing out. Tammy is clearly the villain, Victoria P is worse than we thought, Victoria F is better than we thought and we all learned how not to bully people online. There ya go.