World Series Rewind: Kershaw Dominates Astros Take 3-2 Series Lead

Let’s take a stroll down baseball’s memory lane, I am your deranged, disgruntled and bitter tour guide, Scors. It’s October 29th, 2017 and the World Series is tied two games a piece. Clayton Kershaw who has been phenomenal this entire post-season takes the mound for the Dodgers with a chance to head back to Los Angeles with a 3-2 series lead. I remember where I was for this game, my wife and I were dog sitting for a friend at their house in Upstate New York, it was a chilly but beautiful October evening. I went and picked up Outback car-side to go and I settled in with a bloomy and a burger, cuddled up with my wife in full Dodger gear and we were ready to roll.

What should have been a Dodgers victory and a 3-2 series lead turned into an all-time shootout and the boys in blue would fall 13-12 to the cheating, deceptive, scum of the earth that are the Houston Astros. Let’s fast forward to February 25th 2020, MLB Network comes on your television set and up pops the delightful face of MLB insider, Tom Verducci. He is now reporting that Clayton Kershaw threw 51 curveballs and sliders in that game and didn’t record ONE swing and miss. So, let me get ahead of the curve and laugh at all of you who will say well that makes sense, Kershaw sucks in the post-season and no wonder he didn’t get any swing and misses. Well possibly, but let’s look at the most likely scenario, especially since it has been confirmed that the Astros did in fact cheat throughout the 2017 post-season. This is the final straw for me, I was fine with moving on, letting the Astros keep their championship and focus our attention on righting the ship and becoming 2020 World Champions, but I cannot sit in silence anymore. Plain and simple, the Astros stole the World Championship from me, the Dodger players, organizations and the millions of Dodger fans around the World.

The Astros were receiving the signals, laying off curves and sliders and waiting on pitches that ended up resulting in an offensive onslaught that the Dodgers tried their best to counter by scoring 12 runs of their own. Go back and watch the game for yourself and if you are a real baseball fan you will get a knot in your stomach knowing that the integrity of the game and the history of the World Series got a fat, hot, steamy poop splattered all over it.

I have never been so ready and fired up for a baseball season in my life. I always head into the season with the glass is half empty mentality but not this year, i have pushed all my chips into the middle of the table, I am all in. This is a terrifying feeling for a sports fan and I know that I am going to get my heart broken and it’s going to be devastating but I am out for blood, I need this World Championship like I need air in my lungs and frankly I deserve it. You are either with us or against us, you either stand for everything that’s right in the World or you side with the bottom of the trash can Astros and the cheating that they have been able to disguise as talent, enough is enough, this is the Dodgers year and I am ready to invest myself in every pitch this season.

So, let’s do the damn thing and it all starts with one simple phrase “I Love L.A.” RANDY CUE THE MUSIC!!!!!