Cinematic Adventures: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Last weekend, my best man was in town to visit for the weekend and we were laying low, perusing Netflix and stumbled upon a film that we have watched together ten times and combined over 1,000 times. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark. I haven’t watched this film from start to finish in a while but growing up, this and Rocky were my two favorite film franchises, I was Indiana Jones one year for Halloween and I have spoken to the bride about a potential Indiana Jones themed Halloween this upcoming October. Over the last few months, there were rumors that Indiana Jones 5 was indeed happening and last week Harrison Ford confirmed that he would in fact be bringing Indy out of retirement for the fifth installment of the franchise that will start filming in two months.

The first installment of the Indiana Jones series was directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, released in 1981 and stars Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman and John Rhys- Davies. I thought about this for a while this week and I firmly believe that Harrison Ford is the greatest action star of all time, he optimizes cool in this movie and if I could choose to be one fictional character, I think I am going with Indiana Jones.

My biggest praise of Raiders of the Lost Ark is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is made in the vein of Saturday morning serials or cliffhangers. It has the cartoonish and over the top feel that blends perfectly with the wit of Harrison Ford and is complimented by phenomenal directing and an on-point storyline. What else does this action movie have that makes it great? A villain that everyone can hate, Indiana Jones single handedly takes down an entire Nazi operation and takes the biblical Ark of the Covenant out of the hands of the Hitler and the Nazi scum.

The relationship between Ford and Karen Allen, Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood in the film exudes chemistry from start to finish. Marion is a badass and she compliments Indy while at the same time playing the softer side that lends to a great love story. One of the only good things about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (the fourth installment) was the return of Karen Allen and her character Marion Ravenwood, we saw Indy and Marion tie the knot in Indy 4 and hopefully she will be coming back in some capacity in the fifth and what is speculated to be the final chapter in the Indiana Jones saga.

I can never get enough of this film franchise and although hesitant, I am extremely excited for the fifth installment in this franchise, nothing will ever compare to the original and myth and aura that surrounds this film. The fight scenes, the action, the dialogue, the story, the acting – it’s all superb and that is why Raiders of the Lost Ark is an absolute classic.

Scor’s Cinematic Adventure Rating: 8.4/10