ProcrastiNation Podcast Network Is Growing: Introducing “Coming in Hot”

The ProcrastiNation Podcast Network is growing, and we will be releasing a new show this Friday! Our new show will be co-hosted by me and Olivia and will be called “Coming in Hot” – it will be a pop culture, lifestyle, relationship centric podcast with a morning show vibe. We are planning to bring on interesting people for interviews, our families for an insight into what makes us who we are and discussing the hot stories that fuel the media cycle and be open and honest about things that are happening in our own personal lives.

I am really excited to start this show and I wouldn’t want to be doing it with anyone other than Olivia, she is talented, out-spoken, opinionated and has a ton of experience that is going to bring the much needed female perspective to ProcrastiNation. Our goal is to make the listeners laugh, have games and contests, talk about things that interest them and relate to some challenging aspects of life that not many people want to talk about or are afraid to discuss.

If you grew up in New York during the time that I did, you looked up to one man and one man only, the radio legend that is Howard Stern. He revolutionized morning radio and made morning radio what it is today. Ever since my Mom introduced me to Howard I thought it would be a dream to host a morning radio type show that people could relate to and listen on their commute to work or running early morning errands on the weekend, that’s what Olivia and I hope to accomplish.

All of you have been so supportive since we started this blog nearly two months ago and everyone at ProcrastiNation appreciates the way you have kept coming back to the blog, embracing Mulraney and I on “The Corner Booth” and we hope you do the same with our new show “Coming in Hot”. I am excited to introduce you all to Olivia and let you readers and listeners experience how talented and funny she is. We appreciate you giving us a chance with this new show and continuing to grow our blog and podcast network. Hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation!