Tyson Fury Is A Bad Man

A statement was made on Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. A statement that was loud, emphatic and legendary. Tyson Fury dominated the Heavyweight title fight against Deontay Wilder from the opening bell.

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The best man at my wedding was in town, so we decided to stay in and the two of us along with the bride ordered this fight on Pay Per View for a reasonable $69. This was a far better price than what I have paid recently for some UFC and boxing matches. I felt like the full coverage of this fight that was split between ESPN and Fox Sports was very well done. We discovered that lead announcer Joe Tessitore had an infatuation with Fury’s wife and mentioned her no less than 372 times during the broadcast. In all seriousness, I thought Tessitore did a good job announcing the prelims and the main event, add Lennox Lewis into the mix and it was a very well done broadcast all around.

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The prelims weren’t all that great in my opinion but they did enough to keep your interest and they moved along quickly enough to keep the viewers attention until the main event. Fury and Wilder did not disappoint with their entrances into the ring. Fury entered the ring on a larger than life throne while Wilder came in looking like Optimus Prime and right away you knew we were in for a once in a lifetime boxing match. I believe that this fight was a return to the classic boxing that I grew up watching, the mass promotion from the networks, the affordable price and two warriors stepping foot in the ring was exactly what boxing fans around the World were hoping for.

For the fight itself, well, Fury was a force from the jump. He went on the offensive early and tried to end this fight as soon as possible. His normal style of dragging fights out for many rounds was put on the back burner and he attacked Wilder early and often. He ruptured Wilder’s ear drum and Wilder was bleeding heavily from the ears, Wilder hit the canvas on two official knockdowns. His equilibrium was gone, he was woozy, unbalanced and from rounds 4-7 he barely through any punches while Fury pounded away at him. I give Wilder credit for hanging tough and making it to the seventh round before the fight was stopped by Wilder’s corner. Wilder initially was upset with his corner for stopping the fight and he said he wanted to go out “on his shield” but I do believe that after he sits back and watches the fight he will realize that his corner did the right thing. Wilder was in danger of getting seriously injured by Fury and the stoppage was necessary.

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Fury established himself as the true undisputed, lineal, Heavyweight Champion of the World, he is in fact, the baddest man on the planet. The mental and personal struggles that this man has faced in recent years are very near and dear to my heart and to see him come out on top in this fight was truly a remarkable achievement. He deserved this victory, he put the work in and he beat Wilder who was the favorite to retain his title.

It will be interesting to see what is next, I am assuming that another rematch will occur and we will have a Wilder vs Fury III and I am open to that. These two men should be credited for their courage, athleticism and for returning boxing to its rightful place as a must see sport.