Hurricanes Ride Zamboni Driver To Victory

I have said for years that sports is without a doubt the greatest version of reality television. The NHL gave us another example of why this is true on Saturday night.

The Carolina Hurricanes squared off in Toronto against the Maple Leafs on Saturday and the Hurricanes faced an unfortunate event, their starting and backup goaltender were injured and they had nobody else to turn to. That was until they discovered that David Ayers, a minor league zamboni driver and former AHL goaltender was in the stands as the on-call emergency netminder. The Hurricanes gave Ayers a $500 one night contract and the permission to keep his game-worn Hurricanes journey. He entered the game early in the second period and did the unthinkable, he led the Hurricanes to a victory, allowing two goals on ten shots and recording eight official NHL saves. Ayers is 42 years old and he became the oldest goaltender in NHL history to win his debut as goaltender.

What a wild story, the word unbelievable gets tossed around far too often but this is in fact, unbelievable. This guy has waited his entire life to live out his dream of playing in the NHL and he did it at the age of 42 years old. This might be sappy but this is a prime example that this is an indication to never give up on your dreams and regardless of your age or status or previous missteps, you are able to one day achieve your dreams and reach the top of the moment. This is as feel good of a story as you will be able to find. His wife was also in attendance and she tweeted her jubilation throughout his appearance. A day that a husband and wife will be able to share forever, gotta love it.