I am Officially Begging A-Rod to Buy the Mets

Alex Rodriguez just can’t stay away from the New York Mets. Earlier this offseason when the team had been searching for a new manager A-Rod’s name surfaced before the Carlos Beltran and Luis Rojas hirings, and now he’s linked to a potential offer to buy the team.

I’m not asking Alex Rodriguez to do this for me, I’m asking him to do it for himself. So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to speak directly to imaginary camera two and address A-Rod directly.

Alex! Buddy! How ya been? I’ll tell ya, your better half really put on a show at the Super Bowl halftime spectacular. As much as I’d love to hear all about your weekend back home in Miami, let’s talk about your second home, New York City.

Now, I know you’ve always had a star-crossed love affair with the New York Mets. If Steve Phillips hadn’t been so cheap a decade ago you probably would have been playing shortstop in Queens for a generation. We know Jose Reyes would have moved to second base for you since we forced him to do that for Kaz Matsui.

Speaking of been forced from your natural position, did you know that Derek Jeter is the CEO of the Miami Marlins who play in the National League East alongside the Mets? Of course you do! You’re now a broadcaster! You were a world-class teammate moving to third base and learning a whole new position just so a declining defensive shortstop could continue to have the glory he had become so accustomed too. You were the good guy the whole time, but because you made the money a star of your caliber deserved he let the media portray you as the bad guy.

Derek Jeter could have stopped all of this. He could have moved to third base like his hero Cal Ripken Jr. and aged out gracefully. He chose to leave you there.

Now history is changing. Derek Jeter had a fire sale and left the Marlins bare after trading away multiple league MVP’s for prospects who can’t get out of AAA in an already minor league ball club. You are now the lovable broadcaster who hosts a fun podcast. People find you lovable and there is no better way to continue this ascent in the face of Derek Jeter and claim what has always been yours, the King of New York City.

Sure, New York has always been a Yankees town, but the rivalry is largely one way. The little brother always hates the big brother. Rarely does it go the other way. A successful Mets team is great for the city and the Yankees fans can revel in their success as well.

By buying the Mets you will save this long suffering from Fred and Jeff Wilpon. Two owners who have run the Mets like the Minnesota Twins. Like they’re a small market team in a big city. With all of your connections, I’m sure that you and Jennifer can bring in an ownership group who will spend the money necessary to save this franchise. You will be welcomed into Queens with open arms! You will be our conquering hero. No second fiddle.

The honeymoon period may never end, and you will have the chance to build a ball club that will beat up on Jeter’s Marlins twenty times a year.

You have proven throughout your career, that you will do what is necessary to win and to bring winning baseball to New York. Owning the Mets will give you the opportunity to defeat the demons of your playing career and fulfill your destiny for the Mets.

So Alex, what do you say?