Enough Of Tim Tebow

I have been a big-time Tim Tebow critic for a long time, his most recent press conference was another reminder as to why I wish Tebow would retreat to the SEC network and leave us alone. As if the New York Mets aren’t a big enough joke and disaster year in and year out, they decide to parade this sideshow out there to answer questions about how his game is progressing. I have a news flash for you, it’s not progressing, Tebow is no closer to the MLB today than he was when he announced he was going to pursue a career in baseball.

The thing that makes me laugh about Tebow is that he had a chance to be a valuable piece to a team in professional football. Was it as a Quarterback? Absolutely not, that throwing motion was enough to make anyone puke up their pigs in a blanket on a Sunday afternoon. In Tebow’s defense, he had heart, grit and a natural ability to play the game of football. He laughed at the notion that he might need to eventually switch positions and do what is best for the team, didn’t want to hear any of it. You know what the New Orleans Saints did? They found a player with a lesser ego, Taysum Hill and implemented him in a system that was once envisioned for Tim Tebow. Tebow would have been a serious asset to any team that would have allowed him to throw the ball a couple times a game, be involved in some RPO’s and catch a few balls as well. Teams wanted him to do this and if he had accepted his new role in football, there’s a chance he would still be in the NFL and not be a laughingstock for a laughable baseball franchise at Spring Training.

Perhaps if this dweeb decided to cry at the press conference like he did at Florida then at least I could laugh and chuckle about the absurdity to his whole act. Instead I get irrationally pissed off and root for his eventual permanent exit from the sport of baseball. I give Tebow credit for finding a way to leave the University of Florida without getting murdered by Aaron Hernandez or get caught up in the whirlwind of controversy that has surrounded Urban Meyer his entire career, now that is an accomplishment for Tebow, he should celebrate those achievements above everything else.

Legitimately nobody cares about the good-guy image that Tebow has presented. The only thing that his holier than thou image has brough upon John Q citizen is a frightening realization of our inadequacies and flaws. Hey Tim, we don’t need that, us nine to fivers deal with enough stress and hardships as it is, we don’t need your face plastered all over the place listening to Skip Bayless tell us how perfect you are. This is more of an indictment on the media than it is Tebow, but I tend to take out my frustration on Tebow, the media does it for clicks and we have all bought into it. Tebow is by no means my most hated athlete, that spot is reserved for one man and one man only, Lebron James. With saying that, Tebow has worked his way up the list and is cemented in the top 3 of my most hated athletes.

Whoever is reading this, I bet you know someone right now who’s a better baseball player than Tim Tebow. Imagine being a publicity stunt for the Mets, that’s like getting food poisoning from eating tofu. Not a great deal when it started and certainly not one when you are puking your brains out. Only the Mets could find a way for me to hate a publicity stunt, I love a free hot dog promotion, a live mascot (Swagger Jr or Ugga are legends) or even some fun halftime attractions. If anybody could wear out a promotion or gimmick and make me grow to hate it, it would be the New York Mets. They can scream from the rooftops all they want that this Tebow charade is an actual investment in a baseball player who they believe in but it is one thing and one thing only, a way to sell minor league tickets and bring in money for a brutal organization.

Does anyone think that Tim Tebow is working on his baseball craft in the off-season? Do we think he is taking time away from his comfortable ESPN and SEC Network gig and hanging out with his drop-dead gorgeous wife to do some soft toss? I certainly don’t, he doesn’t need baseball to make a living or make his mark in the sports world, he is set for life. Unlike normal ball players who need this to earn a paycheck and set themselves up for post-retirement with money, a TV gig or some type of high-profile spot, Tebow doesn’t need that. Tebow has a job in college football for the rest of his life here on Earth.

For Tebow to head to a podium and sit there looking like a complete goof ball and answer questions about how he is dedicated to baseball is laugh out loud funny, it’s still a story because the media makes it a story and Tebow loves it so he can shove his good guy message down our throats, rip it out of our ass and force feed it to us again.

At least when the White Sox signed Michael Jordan he was a Chicago legend and the city could root for him and try to lift him up after the murder of his father, Jordan worked hard to be good at baseball but he did it for his father (or to escape a gambling suspension). Tebow does it because he is delusional and thinks he is so gifted and God’s gift to us that he can play baseball at the professional level. Hopefully “Tebow Time” is coming to an end soon and we can finally get away from emotional and sentimental press conferences involving a glorified backup Quarterback.