Things I Learned About My Best Friend And Fellow Blogger, Stevie Ray

I have been very fortunate in my life, for many reasons, but one of the things I am most thankful for is that I have had two of my best friends since I was five years old. My first friend ever is Mike, I met him on the first day of Kindergarten, representing the Purple Room class of 98’, regarded as one of the legendary Kindergarten classrooms of all time. The other friend, fellow blogger, Stevie Ray, we played on the same baseball team from ages five to eighteen and that bond eventually formed into a brotherhood. Stevie Ray and I have spent countless hours, days, weeks and vacations together and I was fortunate enough to learn some new things about my right-hand man on our most recent trip together to Walt Disney World.

Bathroom Etiquette
This new discovery might have been the most shocking and thought provoking for me. Being able to use the men’s bathroom is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The line is usually nonexistent, you can get in and get out and most of the time you look over to the lady’s room and the line wraps around the corner and you wait for your wife or girlfriend forever. The main reason for the quickness in the men’s room is the ever so convenient urinal. Making the jump to the urinal as a kid is a right of passage, you feel like you are one step closer to becoming a man, well, apparently Stevie Ray has never partaken in such a pleasure. He is anti-urinal; he refuses to use them and only hits up the stalls when he needs a bathroom break. I have spent the last week trying to wrap my head around this and conclude as to why this is, I love it because it adds to the mystery that surrounds the one and only Stevie Ray. I have my theories, but I would love to hear your insights as to why this is, he refuses to tell me why and I for one have never been so involved in another mans bathroom habits in my life. It is my vow to you the readers to get to the bottom of this enigma.

The Less Onions The Better
Stevie Ray is by no means a picky eater. He is cultured, he introduced me to Sushi, Sashimi and other delicacies that I wasn’t a custom to until we began going out to eat together. One thing I knew he didn’t enjoy was onions, but I didn’t realize that it was a deep seeded hatred. We were at an Asian restaurant and a popular stir fry menu caught the eye of my brother, Stevie Ray. When the waiter informed him that the onions were prepped into the meal beforehand and that it was virtually impossible to remove them, I thought Stevie Ray was going to commit Hara Kiri. He was enraged, abandoned his entrée selection and reverted to a more traditional Sushi dish. I would rather fight a deranged Grizzly Bear then try to get Stevie Ray to eat a raw onion, it will end badly for you, that I can guarantee.

Overcoming Fears, Not A Problem
I had no clue that Stevie Ray was afraid of roller coasters, he told me, my wife and his girlfriend about this fear as we entered the park on the first day. He waited to spring this news upon us, I have been known as somewhat of a “baby” in terms of riding certain rides, so I was happy to hear of his trepidation, made me feel better about myself. What I discovered is that this fear wasn’t going to stop him one bit, he overcame this instantly and rode every single ride, including the most daring of coasters that Walt Disney World has to offer. Not only did he crush every ride, he talked me up so that I could get on every ride and we could enjoy our experience to the umpteenth degree, the true mark of a legend.

A Transportation Critic To The Likes This World Has Never Seen
Disney is known for the efficiency and their transportation being some of the most convenient and enjoyable experience in the World. Well, it better be if Stevie Ray is on the premises, he chewed out the Disney Bus System to a level that I didn’t know existed. I have been compared to Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm character; I think the comparison might be better suited to Stevie Ray. His level of miserableness was exposed here and I for one really enjoyed not being the most miserable person on a certain issue for a change. I was as pleasant as a trip on “It’s A Small World” compared to Stevie Ray and his venom toward waiting for any amount of time for a bus to arrive.

A Vacation Is No Time To Stop Working
I always knew how talented and focused Stevie Ray was but after every park we would return to our hotel room and Stevie Ray would crack open his laptop and answer the bell for his 9-5 job. I was astonished by the work ethic and dedication he showcases daily; I wish I had half of that work ethic. In between rides, snacks and being the star of my Disney video series, he was able to get his work done.

The Most Important Thing I Learned
I realized how much I love this guy, I always knew that but living in different states for the first time ever, I have grown to appreciate how great of a friend Stevie Ray is to me and how I view him as my actual brother. Having the opportunity to take our significant others on this trip together and laugh and smile non-stop for a week straight is a memory that I will cherish forever. He puts up with all the bullshit and extensive anxiety, planning and list making that I bring to the table and we end up complimenting each other perfectly. It is rare when you find someone who you would take a bullet for and I plan on living in the same state, city and hopefully same street someday. We are far better together than we are separated and having the ability to grow older, farther apart and maintain a friendship like we have is one of the greatest gifts in my life, I am very grateful for his friendship throughout the years. Plenty more memories to come!

So there you have it, that is what I learned about my buddy Stevie Ray, I am anxiously awaiting his travel blog recap and maybe he can let you into some insights of my personality and idiosyncrasies during a vacation to the happiest place on Earth. Hear, hear to the readers and listeners of ProcrastiNation.