Rob Manfred Sucks

Rob Manfred is quickly on his way to becoming the biggest joke in the four major sports. It is becoming clear that the players involved in the Astros cheating scandal are not going to be punished. We’ve had to listen to complete bullshit from Jim Crane, Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa the last few days and to put the cherry on that shit sundae, Rob Manfred came out and made it clear that he would not be removing the Astros title or having them give back their piece of “metal”.

Well Rob, to a lot of people it is far more than a piece of metal, it is the integrity of the game. For Kris Bryant, Cody Bellinger, Aaron Boone and the plethora of other big-league names that came out to tarnish the Astros, it meant more to them as well. You can’t try and tell me that what they did isn’t a big deal and that it didn’t affect the outcome of games, it obviously did. For the Astros to defend Altuve’s walk-off against the Yankees by saying that it was because he had a bad tattoo, his wife didn’t want his jersey ripped is one of the most ridiculous lies I have ever heard. Not only did this guy have the wherewithal to think about his bad tattoo after sending your team to the World Series but he was so self-conscious of it that he sprinted into the clubhouse, changed shirts and came out and did his interview. Correa says that Altuve never cheated and scolded people for trying to help him with the banging of the trash can, shut the hell up man, you cheated, Altuve cheated the entire roster cheated and everyone at this point knows it. To attempt to lessen the value of what occurred makes Manfred look like a moron, this coming on the heels of his outrageous post-season format changes. Trevor Bauer, another harsh critic of Houston came out and blasted Manfred for basically being an idiot.

Guys like Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez and so many others broke the rules of baseball or were rumored to break the rules and some of them have been ostracized from the game or they have no chance of getting into the hall of fame. It’s wild that with this cheating scandal, which is more game altering than steroids or betting on your team to win that ZERO punishments will be handed out to the players. Manfred has put a huge target on his back, you can’t expect players to follow the rules when you literally ignored punishing players who cheated their way to a World Championship and were so defiant in cheating baseball for three straight seasons, it’s preposterous.

Back when all of this news started to break, I called for a three year postseason ban on the Houston Astros. One year for every year they were cheating. They would have to play all 162 games, or they wouldn’t get paid and no players stats for Houston would be kept on record or be submitted for award consideration. If they won enough games to win the division then the second-place team in the AL West would go in their place. I felt like this would have been a good enough punishment and honestly, at first the players would be upset but they would still be getting paid, it would have made Manfred look strong but instead he has suspended the manager and threw out a measly $5 million fine. My scenario isn’t perfect, nobodies is, but at least it is harsher than what Manfred has chosen to go with. The entire Manfred aspect of this Astros scandal has been a complete and utter joke and I believe he has lost any type of authority status or bargaining power with the players. Like the Astros organization and players have lost all respect of the rest of the MLB and their fans, Manfred has been able to do the exact same thing.

Baseball continually misses the big picture, like with the proposed playoff changes, they sight lack of attendance and viewership and that baseball has strictly become a regional sport. Yes, all of that is 100% accurate but what baseball doesn’t realize is that they don’t market their stars, they don’t allow people to post MLB clips to twitter or Instagram, prices for games are way too high unless you want to see the Marlins or Royals. These are the real problems that Manfred has, and he wants to re-work the playoff system in hopes that it changes things for the better, it won’t, trust me.

You want a new, younger, diverse audience? Why don’t you market your African American Superstars like Mookie Betts who is now playing in one of, if not the biggest markets in the country. You want younger viewers to get interested in the game without sitting down for 3-4 hours watching a full game waiting for the action? Put your highlights on twitter and Instagram and don’t take down people’s accounts if they post clips from their living rooms. Why has the NBA become so popular, it stems from a cult like following on Twitter and Instagram, NBA twitter is more entertaining than the actual games.

I was recently in Orlando, my wife and I looked at tickets for an Orlando Magic vs Milwaukee Bucks game, a chance to see Giannis, wow, that has to be a ton of money I bet… $40. Take a family of four to see a generational talent for $160 plus snacks, $200 day that your kids will remember forever. Good luck finding a decent seat to a decent game in MLB for $200, hovering around $1,000 for a family of four for a day to witness America’s Past-time. You could do two days at any of Disney’s four theme parks for less than $1,000. What seems like a better time for a 10-year-old kid, two days at Disney or trying to figure out who these players are from the nose bleed section for 3.5 hours, baseball needs to do better and it all starts with Rob Manfred.