MLB New Postseason Ideas are Bad and they Should Feel Bad

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So Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred isn’t doing anything very well right now. He’s doing so poorly, that someone leaked his potential playoff changes just to take heat off of so many players and sports pundits railing against the way he handled the Astros cheating scandal.

Just how bad is Manfred’s proposal? Well, here’s what Trevor Bauer had to say about it:

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is a big dumb-dumb with bad ideas, but just how bad are his ideas? Let’s break them down one-by-one.

Seven Teams Make the Playoffs in each League now

Sure, why play 162 regular season games if half the teams in each League make the postseason? We will now have four Wild Card spots so the last playoff team can look like the bottom of the Eastern Conference NBA playoffs every year! Cant wait to see a 79-82 Diamondbacks team sneak into the playoffs to get annihilated by the Braves. Should be riveting television!

So the first round bye is coming back?

You got it! The whole reason for the Wild Card coming into existence (praise be Alan H. “Bud” Selig) had been that the best team would lose after taking a full week off of playing professional baseball. Turns out the whole reason they play five to six games a week is because hitting a baseball is hard! We’re bringing that back. Who doesn’t want to see a Dodgers or Yankees team with 110+ wins going out in the Divisional Round?

The New Wild Card Game is Best of Three

If we’re going to bring all of these teams in the playoffs, Major League Baseball is going to squeeze every last dollar of this program. No more single elimination excitement. We’re putting way more innings on those young pitching arms. We’re also going to take away some of the managerial decisions that come with single elimination. So the best team will now sit at home and will also no longer receive the benefit of the Wild Card team having burned their best pitcher in Game One.

Does it get worse?

With Rob Manfred, it always gets worse.

How will we decided who plays who in this new format? Will it be a traditional highest versus lowest seeding tournament? Of course not! Major League Baseball is going to televise a reality show in which the division winners who don’t get the bye week get to select their Wild Card Round opponent! Are you going to take time out of your day of consuming professional football or preparing your waiver claims to watch this show? No one is going to throw at another team for this because the stakes are too high! What does this bring? It’s like Manfred watched the March Madness selection show and wanted in on the action.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred is bad at his job from the top to the bottom. From issuing punishments for the worst cheating scandal in 100 years, to working to undermine an entire regular season in an effort to squeeze more money out of fan bases from teams that shouldn’t have even been in the playoffs.

Hard to believe this sport is hemorrhaging fans, huh?