XFL Kicks Off; Snubs ProcrastiNation

I’m on vacation but that doesn’t keep a good blogger down. I’m sure Mulraney will write something up and give you guys the details about how our official media credential request was denied by the XFL. Complete and utter nonsense, how dare this organization who is trying to be legitimate deny media credentials to a blog that was birthed a whole month ago, lunacy. Like I said, more to come on that issue. So, I am torn, as the fearless leader of this blog do I tell my troops to wage war on the XFL and do nothing but bash this start-up football league? Well, that was my first thought but I was curious, so I took some time from lounging by the pool to tune into the Seattle Dragons vs DC Defenders. It’s electric folks, I can’t deny it.

Not only do the openly talk about the point spreads and over under and actually have the gambling graphics right next to the scoreboard but the trickery, hard hitting, coaches mic’d up throughout the game and the pure explosiveness is all on display. I didn’t want to love this, I tried to be angry at Vince McMahon and the XFL for denying yours truly and the rest of his squad but I can’t bring myself to do it. Uncle Vince puts asses in the seats and if the XFL doesn’t take off and be an actual form of sports entertainment then I am going to be shocked. In addition, if this league fails then it will be cemented that there is only room for one professional football league in this country. This league potentially could be a perfect bridge to get us to March Madness and Major League Baseball season. I don’t understand why our country wouldn’t want more football, yeah I get that the quality of play isn’t what the NFL is but it’s better than college ball and it’s certainly better than the AAF, what an abomination that was.

I have officially announced my allegiance to the Los Angeles Wildcats and Dr. Creepy himself, Marc Trestman, guy looks like a James Bond villain and I absolutely love that type of guy leading my new team into battle.

I feel like George Costanza when Jerry is dating the masseuse who despises George. The more she hates him, the more George is attracted to her and in our situation, the more the XFL denies our media requests, the more I want to be huddled up to the bosom of Vince McMahon. I need to be a part of the XFL like I need air in my lungs.

There’s more XFL action coming today at 5pm and tomorrow as well. I would suggest you all give it a try and if you do, tell Vince that ProcrastiNation Sports sent you, we need to get in his good graces. I’m considering send Mulraney and Coughlin to a New York Guardians game to do some unofficial coverage outside of the stadium and get the fan base on our side, if we knock on the door loud enough, McMahon and Oliver luck can’t avoid us forever.