The XFL Denied My Media Credentials

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Today, the XFL’s second ever inaugural season kicked off to heightened fanfare from across the sports consuming universe. Is this the time Vince McMahon gets it right in his challenge to NFL supremacy?

I had been looking forward to getting an up close and personal look at the new football league as a credentialed press member for the XFL. It seemed easy enough online. I just followed the appropriate links to my hometown New York Guardians media website where I could place my application.

Now, with the XFL’s second coming I believed that our little blog that could would be an excellent addition to their football family. We have a podcast now which has been downloaded over 125 times in three episodes. We nearly had 4,000 page views in our first ever month of existence, and that’s without half of our authors even having public social media accounts. Maybe we could have been the home of the XFL! At the very least, I figured a young and upstart league dying for as much publicity as possible would have loved to have had us in attendance.

This could have been great for ProcrastiNation and brought us a whole new audience and some journalistic street cred. Today, with just over 24 hours until the New York Guardians kicked the football off for the first time, I received my answer. A very painful and hurtful, DENIED.

This is hurtful, Vince.

I haven’t been hurt like this by the McMahon family since Vince booked himself to win the 1999 Royal Rumble.

So this one might have been a bit of a Hail Mary. I get it. We’re new. We don’t even have an email address associated with this website. I’m pretty sure all of the comments and questions all just get sent to my personal account. They’re showing their games on ABC, Fox, and are getting coverage from ESPN. I also would have had to have driven all the way to MetLife Stadium from Albany, New York. At least we could say we tried to do something big for the blog.

I also desperately wanted to meet Vince McMahon. Seriously, in my youth I had been a HUGE WWF/E fan. I remember watching Shane buy WCW out from under Vince. I went to Sunday Night Heat as a kid. I used to read live updates on a pro wrestling blog for PPV’s because my parents never bought them for me. In college we all used to drink tall boys and watch Monday Night Raw. As an adult one of my first purchases from my real job was the WWE Network which I had for about a year. It’s only been in the last few years that I have strayed from Vince’s products, and even then if something is trending I’ll throw it on and check it out. He has provided me with so many great memories and content. The idea that getting to see him in the media booth was as exciting as being credentialed.

This pipe dream will have to wait another year, sadly. I will say despite my desire to hold a grudge against the product and not watch the games today, I really enjoyed what I watched and I hope the product continues to impress. Spring football is fun, and having gone nearly one full week without it, I’m glad we have it back.