Great To Be Part Of The Team

Hey everyone. Stevie Ray here. I can’t thank Scors and the ProcrastiNation team enough for allowing me the opportunity to contribute content on the blog. Scors and I have been friends since t-ball, and I always thought that we would eventually work together. Cue 2020 and here we are! 

This coming Saturday Scors and I will be heading to Disney for a long awaited, much-needed adventure. Yes, technically it’s a vacation, but adventure seems like a better word to use. Many people probably would not classify walking 10 miles a day and waiting in lines in the Orlando humidity a true “vacation”. Nonetheless, it is bound to be a trip for the decade! 

Since our days traveling every weekend for summer baseball, Scors and I have always gotten the most out of our trips together. From the time we paid our teammate to shave half of his head at a mall SuperCuts in Connecticut, to the time we convinced our teammate to eat so much blumin’ onion at The Outback that he then proceeded to vomit all over the parking lot, our trips together are nothing short of magical. And the sight of regurgitated tiger sauce in the middle of August is unlike any other. Oh, and the time we convinced our buddy’s new girlfriend to let us stay at her beach house on the Cape and cook us dinner (which included everything from burgers to scallops) as all the skin on my chest peeled off…not my finest moment. 

The last trip that we went on together was the Scors bachelor party in Atlantic City during March Madness two years ago. Only word to describe it…electric. They say there are still photos out there of a blitzed Stevie Ray dancing to Whitney Houston’s “I Want To Dance With Somebody” at a tequila bar. What can I say, when you’re feeling it, you’re feeling it. 

I know that Disney, like our other trips, won’t disappoint. And if it does so help me because the goddamn Mouse has placed me in a financial spiral already. Scors and I will be blogging throughout our trip, so stay tuned for updates. 

I can tell you that there’s a good chance I will be spending my last $250 on a custom lightsaber at the new Star Wars attraction. There will be a video. Or pictures. Possibly both.