Knicks Kick the Tires on D’Angelo Russell

The World’s Most Famous Arena

The NBA Trade Deadline is this Thursday at 3pm, and every single hoop fan in America should immediately subscribe to push notifications for whenever Adrian Wojnarowski tweets. The big news missed in last night’s Super Bowl game just happened to be my beloved New York Knicks establishing a dialogue with the Golden State Warriors regarding D’Angelo Russell.

The trade reportedly centers around Bobby Portis and Frank Ntilikina. Seriously, the opportunity to get a 23-year-old point guard who has improved each and every season he’s been in the league is available to the Knicks because of Bobby Portis. In this economy! D’Angelo Russell led the Nets to the playoffs last year and had been widely heralded as an excellent locker room presence throughout the season last year. If it hadn’t been for the opportunity to acquire both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant he would still be there!

Now, I cannot speak truthfully to the Knicks trade review process between Team President Steve Mills, General Manager Scott Perry, and Owner/Kazooist James Dolan is, but if this deal is on the table you take it and express condolences later. I literally can’t remember the last Knicks point guard I trusted. Let’s run through some Knicks past:

  • Dennis Smith Jr.
  • Frank Ntilikina
  • Alexey Shved
  • Raymond Felton (Fat)
  • Raymond Felton (Skinny)
  • Three Weeks of Linsanity
  • 43-year-old Jason Kidd
  • Derrick Rose (Seriously! I actually forgot about this one!)
  • Jarrett Jack

And these are just the ones I remember! Look how bad that is! In the golden age of point guards!

Not only do you get your first real point guard since before I could drink legally, you also stick it to the Brooklyn Nets. Nothing has derived me more pleasure as a Knicks fan than seeing the absolute mess the Nets have become. They blew up a young team that had just begun meshing to acquire a point guard who had just burned down the Celtics and a player who is coming off a torn ACL on the wrong side of 30. Kyrie has made every single attempt to burn down the Nets. Between saying him getting tough press wasn’t unlike Martin Luther King Jr., to telling reporters that there simply isn’t enough talent on this former playoff team for them to be successful.

Did I mention that they would also be getting rid of Bobby Portis? Outside of his revenge game against the Bulls, a franchise where he literally punched the best player in the face and shattered his jaw, have you ever been elated to see him in the game? Or do you stare in disbelief as Mitchell Robinson is taken out again for a player who hurts his trade value every time he’s on television?

When it comes to Frank Ntilikina, AKA Frankie Smokes, AKA the French Prince, I have grown to actually love him after years of slandering his name on the internet. I love Frank so much that I know he will never reach his French Tony Allen ceiling as long as he stays in New York. For whatever reason, the coaching staff seems to lose track of Frank on the bench and after years of asking him to be more aggressive offensively seem to not care for it now. He’s trapped in a purgatory on the Knicks. There’s no escape and there’s a refusal to play him the proper minutes for him to improve. A change of scenery is going to do wonders for Frank and his professional career.

This is exactly what the Knicks offseason Plan B was intended to lead too. Grab a ton of veterans who can be role players on playoff teams and grab draft picks in exchange. If we can’t get the big free agents, we’ll force them to play here as kids coming out of college. Stockpile draft picks for players like Marcus Morris, Bobby Portis, Taj Gibson, and Reggie Bullock. You become an attractive destination for key players through building through the draft. This trade presents the rightful conclusion to last year’s free agency.

I have come to accept to not ask the Knicks for much as a fan, but I am pleading that they make one decent trade that can set the team up for the future. Find one point guard. Trade the one-and-one option contracts. I can wait another year, I have already waited on so many next years. Just trade whatever you have too (except for Barrett) to bring in a young and talented point guard who has already shown he can lead an Eastern Conference rebuilder to the playoffs. Please.