Shake Your Booty! The Chiefs Win The Super Bowl

There wasn’t much buzz heading into this Super Bowl, but you wouldn’t know it by the way these two teams duked it out. This was an excellent football game. Huge shoutout to my boy Andy Reid for winning the Super Bowl and solidifying his legacy as one of the greatest coaches of all time. Mahomes struggled early but answered the bell late and made some huge plays to win this game for Kansas City.

Seeing Andy Reid being hugged by everyone in sight, with tears in his eyes and a giant smile on his face, carrying his grandson on his shoulders with his wife by his side, that’s what sports is all about. He deserves this win as much as anyone. One of the most relaxed, down to earth guys the league has ever seen is probably going to go to the Burger King drive-thru tonight and put on an absolute display. Side note, every player who was interviewed after the game said how great of a coach Reid is but he is an even better guy and was able to establish a family type of culture in the locker room from the ball boy and locker room attendants all the way up to Patrick Mahomes. First class type of dude, seeing Andy Reid happy will make you happy.

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Before I talk anymore about the game, I have to address the four cheeked elephant in the room. Shakira and J-Lo, Sweet Mother Cabrini. Now that is what we call a halftime show. If that didn’t get your blood pumping then you might want to check your pulse. They delivered every dance party favorite, hit after hit after hit after hit after hit.

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The commercials were subpar, I really think Super Bowl commercials used to be fun, stupid and not too meaningful. Now we get a bunch of sappy commercials mixed in with social issues and can we talk about the google commercial with the old guy and his dead wife? I don’t need that when I am in between farts and sharts and fighting through stomach pains while I shove more cheesy bread down my gullet. Stick with the Bill Murray Groundhog Day commercial vibe, just some laughs and nostalgia.

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I am writing this live during the post-game so if it is a little scattered, too bad, keep reading, you are probably drunk or hungover and I am the only sober one trying to churn out content, deal with it. Mahomes was just named MVP and he deserved it, come from behind victory, escaping pressure, overcoming the early struggles and he capped it off with “I’m going to Disney World”. I love that line, Phil Simms, Giants MVP QB of Super Bowl XXI started that tradition and it has carried over until today. Can’t beat it.

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Now, let’s talk some football. The jubilation for Andy Reid and this likable young QB is going to overshadow the fact that the 49ers and Kyle Shanahan choked this game away, stop me if you have heard a story that ends with Kyle Shanahan choked in a Super Bowl. They had a ten point lead and then completely stopped doing what let them be successful throughout the game. The trickery, the roll-outs from Jimmy G and being unpredictable all stopped and it became run up the gut twice and then throw on third down and that proved to be a bad strategy. I said to my father-in-law when the Chiefs got the ball back down ten that a touchdown here would lead to the niners tightening up and playing scared football, exactly what they did and they let one of the best offenses in the NFL gain momentum and make plays when they needed them most. When the Niners needed to get a run down the throat of the Chiefs defense, what they did to teams all year, they couldn’t sustain the running attack.

With saying all that, shoutout to the Chiefs defense who made some plays when they needed to and it is a credit to their players but to Coach Spags who proves yet again, he can orchestrate on the biggest stage. With this win the Chiefs were able to snap a 50 year championship drought and break the second longest championship drought in NFL history. The Eagles had the longest drought before winning a couple years back against the Pats.

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Another NFL season is in the books and that is never an easy pill to swallow, this year it doesn’t sting as much because we have the XFL starting next weekend and I for one cannot wait. So don’t feel too bad about all the food you ate, swallowing tums like their tic tacs and having your wife kick you out of bed because your farts smell like sweet impending death (oh that’s just me). It was all worth it, it was Super Bowl Sunday, the greatest sports day of the year. So when you get stuck in the cube tomorrow and are trying to come up with excuses to tell your boss to leave early, blame it on the diarrhea, it is fool proof, “hey boss, I have a serious case of diarrhea”, they will take pity on your soul and send you home. Football isn’t over in 2020, give the XFL a chance and now it is time to embrace the NBA, MLB Spring Training or give your wife, girlfriend and family a couple weekends of doing “outdoor” things. They let you sit in front of a TV with cheez whiz stains on your shirt every Saturday and Sunday, 12 hours a day for the last 22 weeks, you owe it to them.

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