State Of The ProcrastiNation: One Month In The Books

What’s up everybody, thanks for following along so far, one month is in the books and we are making moves. When I had the idea for this blog and I was committed to doing this, I made the call to Mulraney to be my Editor In Chief and my right hand man, he’s crushed it. Once him and I got settled in, we brought on Coughlin who has been exactly what I have wanted from him, to know him is to know a brilliant dude with a knack for business. We followed that up with getting SB on board who jumped in with two feet and has literally been blogging for three days and he has put up some of our best content. We aren’t done there, we have Camille and Stevie Ray finishing up their blogging training and will be pumping out content ASAP. This is the type of team I envisioned when I started this blog and we are going to only get bigger and better.

When we started this a month ago, I figured a few friends would read it and some family and hopefully some people would hear of it through word of mouth. My expectations have been blown out of the water. We have had nearly 4,000 views to this site in a month, I can’t wrap my head around that, I appreciate all you readers so much. We are coming off our best three days since we started and we want to put our foot on the gas and carry this momentum into February and throughout 2020. Our goal is to make you laugh and find another place to get original, fun and informative content.

This is the blog I created so obviously I am biased but I think our content is some of the best you will find on the internet and we are just getting started. Mulraney has taken the bull by the horns and has greased the wheels on our PODCASTING NETWORK, we released our first ProcrastiNation Podcast earlier this week, The Corner Booth, a sports show and that’s just the beginning. Additional note on The Corner Booth, because of Mulraney’s work ethic, we got our podcast approved and put on Spotify within a day! In the next few days and weeks we will be announcing more original podcasts coming to our podcast network.

Video content, more blogs per day, trips to cover events, podcasts – these are just some of the things that have been discussed and are actually in the works. Everyone involved with this sight gets home from our 9-5’s and treats this like a second job, we won’t let our readers down and we are determined to do BIG THINGS with this platform.

We need your help, we need everyone who reads this blog to tell someone what we are doing, how successful it has been early on because in order for us to accomplish what we have planned, we need more views, more dedicated readers and listeners. I promise, if you give us the chance, you will not be disappointed.

Hear Hear To The ProcrastiNation!

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