The Knicks Make Me Sad

Nothing like being a fan of one of the consistently worst NBA franchises in recent memory. On top of that, you wake up and your team still finds a way to eat up the headlines. Welcome to the life of a stubborn, moronic, idiotic, delusional New York Knicks fan.

Last night the Knicks faced off at MSG against the Grizzlies and we had about four different storylines emerge from this game. Let’s start off with the one that brings a smile to my face, the loudest chanting of “Sell the team” that I have ever heard. Thank you to the fans in attendance who let James Dolan, the kazoo playing owner of this once proud franchise, know that we physically cannot take anymore of this basketball diarrhea that we have been subject to for the better part of 20 years.  I think it’s pretty clear that Dolan will never sell the team, so we might need Adam Silver to step in and make a decision, you can’t have the biggest market in the world host the bottom of the barrel filth that has been the Knicks since Roy Hibbert shoved the ball down Melo’s throat and sent me into a depression spiral the likes of which few sports fans have ever seen. The problem with the Knicks is that every move they have made since game 6 of the semis against Indiana has been the wrong move. Phil Jackson, nope. Firing Mike Woodson, nope. Derek Fisher, nope. David Fizdale, nope. Noah, nope. D-Rose, nope. Jeff Hornacek, nope. Kevin Knox, NOPE. Frank the tank, NOPE. Decision after decision has just been a disaster and Dolan in the meantime has been banning Knicks legends from the garden and trying to convince the fans that none of this is his fault. Hey Jimmy, we are at the breaking point, teetering on the edge, we are good people, we don’t deserve to be subjected to this constant nonsense that you have subjected us to.

As many of you know, the Knicks, per usual, were getting their doors blown off by the super-team that is the Memphis Grizzlies (sarcasm, read a book). With a few seconds remaining in the game, Jae Crowder of the Grizzlies took a three-point shot up by dozens of points. Well the Knicks, and specifically Elfrid Payton (checks notes, yeah that is a player who is employed by the Knicks) shoved Crowder into the twelfth row of the Mecca of Basketball. Nothing like some good old school 90’s Knicks nostalgia to get you over a beatdown. Then to put the cherry on top of the pettiness and to really put a smile on your face, ironically enough, the Grizzlies water in their locker room wasn’t working. I can just see Dolan now, upset after the game and like a chunky little sewer rat, he crawled to the maintenance room of Madison Square Garden, kazoo in hand and shut off the water to the opponent’s locker room.

Then, just when I thought this would be a good ol’ funny night that shows the Knicks have some fire in their bellies, sell the team chants and faulty water valves, oh no, the Knicks have to do something that overshadows that fun. Marcus Morris opened his mouth after the game and made some disparaging remarks about Jae Crowder and said that he played with “female tendencies”. Morris later apologized for his comments and apologized to women but it’s still just a bad look. Why say this? You know what’s soft Marcus, watching you and this team get blown out and then complaining about some guy hitting a three to the media. Not to mention the fact that Morris is the only player on this poop roster that is worth trading and with this comment and earlier this month letting everyone know how rich he is and wins and losses don’t really matter, I am sure teams will be knocking our door down to get this guy on their roster.

Once again, just when you think you can have fun as Knicks fan, for one night, you are reminded yet again that this organization is a dumpster fire, that has had gasoline poured on top of it and then the dumpsters some how multiplied and engulfed everyone around them who has ever dropped a piece of trash into the dumpster. You cannot escape it, please, sell the team and rebuild from the ground up. I cannot watch veteran players who have been brought in as mercenaries continue to get minutes and we aren’t able to see Mitchell Robinson, Barrett, Knox or any of these young guys get a ton of minutes so we know what we are working with. I can’t take much more of this and I don’t think many Knicks fans can either.