Super Bowl Props

The Super Bowl.

Those 3 words resonate with any human who has even the most minor interest in sports and entertainment. This Sunday, millions and millions (Donny T voice) will be tuning in to watch the culmination of the NFL season as the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs. Everyone out there has their favorite food, drink, activity, and tradition that they look forward to on this monumental day. Maybe it’s eating enough buffalo chicken dip that leads to you violently vomiting all over your Mother’s rustic redwood and juniper coffee table that she ordered from Wayfair for 60% off. Or possibly it’s drinking 17 Budweisers and proceeding to text your boss that you’ll be out sick on Monday. Or even not watching one second of the game, but playing extremely close attention to all the commercials in an effort to prove to everyone how hip and different you are for not even remotely caring about that meaningless GAME on the field.

Me personally? My favorite Super Bowl tradition? The little bundles of joy otherwise known as props. With the world of sports betting on a meteoric rise, props are becoming more available for the average gambler. Whether you’re watching a WNBA game between the Phoenix Mercury and the Connecticut Sun, or some Red Sox/Yankees Sunday Night Baseball, it’s more likely than not you’ll be able to find odds on how many buckets Brittney Griner will pour in or how many ding dongs Rafael Devers will launch into the Fenway bleachers. 

However, the reason for my infatuation with Super Bowl props lies within the creativity along with the abundance of options available. Gatorade color, length of the National Anthem, or what the first commercial will be are just a few that you’ll see when scanning the long list for some action. I’m here today to provide you with some of my favorites for this year, backed by some hard-hitting research. 

Nick Bosa MVP 17-1:

I like this one a lot. Before you give me the confused, eyebrow raise look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, let me explain. Yes, this game has dynamic offensive talents: Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, etc. Yes, an offensive player typically wins this award. However, let’s look no further than 2016 where Von Miller took home the MVP award after leading a Broncos defense that was eerily similar to the one that San Francisco will be putting on the field. That defense shut down Cam Newton and the NFL’s number 1 scoring offense in the Carolina Panthers.

Again, eerily similar to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. I see tons of value in Bosa here at 17-1. Personally, I expected a line more in the 8-12 range, so I immediately jumped at this. He totaled 9 sacks on the year and has been a force in his rookie season. If he can get a couple versus the Chiefs and make one big play (forced fumble, strip sack, etc.) in a big moment to seal a win, I don’t see how he can’t be considered a strong candidate for the award. The Chiefs main weakness is their run defense, which plays to the 9ers strength. I say that because I see them pounding the football in hopes of keeping the exciting Mahomes-led offense off the field as much as possible to seal the win. This leaves ample space open for a defensive player to shine. 

Which Coach will be mentioned first on TV after kickoff: Kyle Shanahan +115

Another one here with some good value. I saw this and my mind immediately shifted to the 28-3 lead blown by the Shanahan-led offense of the Falcons in the Super Bowl vs. the Patriots. The media ultimately, and maybe rightfully so, directed a lot of the scrutiny towards Shanahan for this loss. It would not shock me at all to see announcers place their attention right away on that and highlight some sort of revenge that Shanahan will be seeking this Sunday for that disastrous loss.

Number of Jennifer Lopez wardrobe changes: Over 2.5 -140

You and I both know how bougie J-Lo is. She’s an emphatic entertainer and loves to put on a show. With the Super Bowl taking place in her dweeb of a fiancé’s hometown, that gives her even more of a reason to go above and beyond here. It seems obvious that she’ll come back out for the finale in something completely different than what she first appeared in on stage, so all we need is one other change during her set. I can picture A-Rod now scanning through the pieces her stylist provided her trying to decide which one will really make her eyes pop and contrast best with her skin tone. You know that little rat hit her with the “You’ll look beautiful in anything baby. I really think you should try to fit in 5 of these outfits.” Thanks, Alex. I agree. Take the over to the bank. 

Will Joe Buck or Troy Aikman say “Patriots:” Yes -300

I’ve been fooled by Vegas many times before, but this one seems laughably easy. We all know how much real estate the New England Patriots own in the heads of humans worldwide. Now, you’re telling me they won’t be mentioned once during this Super Bowl broadcast? I mentioned the Falcons blown lead to them just 3 years ago. That’s one of many topics that would definitely make sense for them to touch on, especially with the whole Shanahan relationship to the story, or how about the fact that the Patriots played in 4 of the past 5 Super Bowls prior to the Chiefs taking the AFC reigns this year? I would assume that gets some play from Aikman and Buck as well. Tom Brady’s plans for next year have been a scintillating topic since the Pats were bounced by the Titans in the playoffs earlier this month. Who does he play for? That’s right – the Patriots. Maybe they’ll talk about that at some point. I mean, how much time do we have here? I could go on forever. Like I said, this just seems too easy, so just do it.