Scors Wants The Mook Man

There is a big trade rumor floating around the internet streets. Buster Olney, who is one of the most reputable sources in the game says that discussions are escalating between the Dodgers and Red Sox, this trade would send Mookie Betts and David Price to the Dodgers.

Well, they suckered me in again. I am sold on this happening, obviously, when this doesn’t pan out, I am going to be miserable. For the time being, I am going to fantasize that this deal goes through. In addition to these reports, it is rumored that the Dodgers would not have to part with Gavin Lux or Dustin May. This would be absolute highway robbery if Andy Friedman could pull this off. If this big, goofy, nerdy bastard, Friedman can make this happen, you have my word that I will never speak ill of him ever again. From my keyboard to God’s ears.

I just got done texting fellow blogger, SB, who is a die-hard Red Sox fan. His degenerate self just finished putting a future bet on the Padres thinking they were going to snag the Mook Man. Not so fast my friend, the Big Bad Boys in Blue have entered the chat.

If the Dodgers make this happen then they are the CLEAR favorites to go back to the World Series for the third time in four years. Here is what a lineup and rotation would look like with Betts and Price:


SP Buehler
SP Kershaw
SP Price
SP May
SP Wood
~ Nelson

Yup. That’s 8, count them, 8, legitimate starting pitchers the Dodgers can choose from and send the other three to the bullpen to compliment Baez, Trenien and Jansen. I mean, goodnight sweet prince. The only thing that kills me is that the Dodgers dumped Puig after the 2018 season, I loved that guy, especially in the post-season.

I am setting myself up for historic disappointment here, I mean you couldn’t write this script better if you tried. I am all juiced up about the potential of this incompetent front office finally spending some of the Scrooge McDuck money that our owner Stan Kasten is begging Freidman to spend. This ordeal will end with me writing a strongly worded blog about how much this front office stinks, how tortured I am as a Dodger fan and that I will be chaining myself to the giant 1988 Championship ring outside of Dodger Stadium until they hire me as General Manager, fool proof plan right there.

You guys should all be rooting for the Dodgers, if they play in the post-season this year than I am going to send myself to cover the series in person, on ProcrastiNation’s dime (It’s good to be the Blogfather). If that happens, they will ultimately break my heart in person with this pseudo super-team and you can watch me cry live on camera. It’s a win for you and another playoff appearance for me.

I just bought an awesome Dodgers shirt, it is a retro classic, pathetic, yet funny. It has a giant #1 on it and accompanied with the 1988 World Series logo. In cursive “Dodgers” script, it reads #1 in 1988… Come on guys, I just want to win one in my lifetime, if we get Betts and Price we can all get together as a country and root against the Yankees in the World Series. That sounds like fun for me, as Curt Schilling once said “I can’t think of a better time than making 56,000 Yankee fans shut up” that was prior to the bloody sock game. Well I would be willing to eat a bloody sock if the Dodgers can win the World Series, Curt and I don’t have much in common but when it comes to performing for our teams come post-season play, we are gamers, team guys, do whatever you have to do to secure the championship.

Anytime lately that I try to post a timely blog, news breaks and I have to rewrite it or add a follow-up article so I am assuming by the time this posts the Padres will have secured Betts and I will have spin zoned myself into a depression fueled binge eating weekend. I LOVEEEE L.A.