Growing The Team

What’s up everybody! Good news, we are adding another blogger to the ProcrastiNation team. As we announced over the weekend, Camille was added and I am happy to announce that our new guys Stevie Ray and SB will be joining our team of bloggers. This will probably be our last hires for a while but with the more bloggers we add, the more content we can bring to you. That’s our goal, to bring as much content as possible and keep your interests throughout the day. Like we have mentioned, it is hard to be churning out constant content because we all work 9-5 jobs but we treat this blog like our second job and we want to continue to produce and evolve, in order to do that, I decided to bring on two additional bloggers who I have a lot of faith in. We are now fully staffed and operational with Me,Mulraney, Coughlin, SB, Camille and Stevie Ray.

I am so pumped about Stevie Ray and SB signing up to work with us, they were interested from the beginning and have already pitched me series of articles that you readers are going to love. I have known these guys practically my entire life, they are brothers to me, I trust them more than anyone on this Earth and they are two of the smartest, most creative people I have ever met. They are going to crush it here for us. I am putting together a team that is dedicated, creative and can help us take this blog to the next level. We appreciate all the reading and support you have all done for us, we ask you that you keep on promoting and sharing what we are working on.

In addition to adding SB,Stevie Ray and Camille we will be launching a few podcasts on the blog that we think you will all enjoy, with additional hosts who you haven’t been introduced to yet. We will have a morning radio style show, a sports show and much more. Video content is slowly coming together, we have a trip to the Lantern Fest that I did on our Instagram page, so go check that out in the meantime! Here here to the readers and to the entire ProcrastiNation.