R.I.P. To Kobe & Gianna Bryant

I got a text from my buddy earlier today and it simply read “did you hear about Kobe?” When you hear the name Kobe, there is only one name that comes to mind. Before I responded to the text, I googled Kobe Bryant and at the time, 2 mins earlier, a TMZ report came out claiming that Bryant had died in a helicopter crash. It was shocking and frankly, I thought it was a false report, it was unbelievable. Unfortunately, this report was true. Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna died in this tragic accident. As I write this blog, it is said that 9 passengers were onboard, so I don’t know who else was involved in this tragedy, it is confirmed that everyone on-board died in the crash.

I’m not going to mention any stats or accolades in this post, we all know who Kobe Bryant was and how special of an NBA player he was. For people my age, who only briefly remember Jordan, Kobe was our generations MJ. Sometimes it takes a death of a superstar, a national tragedy or something along those lines to really open our eyes and realize how precious life actually is. When Kobe woke up this morning and got his daughter ready for her basketball game he wasn’t expecting this would be the last morning he would have on this Earth. We take the little things for granted in our lives on a daily basis. I am writing this to honor a legend of sports, but to also remind you all to cherish life, don’t hold grudges, give people second chances, love as many people as possible and try to improve yourself each and everyday. Life is too damn short.

As a man who has been married for nearly two years, the main thing that sticks out to me during this tragedy is the shattering of a family and the death of a child. It is truly heart-breaking. I might not say anything too profound in this post because frankly, I am just a regular guy who likes to entertain you all with my writing but I ask you to really appreciate everything that you have and to hold the ones close to you as close as humanly possible, every chance you get. We view celebrities differently, what we fail to realize is that Kobe and Gianna Bryant were a part of a family, they were people who did normal things, had friends, lived their lives and it was stolen away from them. Gianna had her whole life ahead of her – proms, driving, college, athletics, getting married, having children all the things that little kids dream of doing someday, I can’t imagine the pain and suffering her mother Vanessa is feeling right now. I pray for Kobe’s three other young daughters who today have to realize that their Daddy and Sister won’t be coming home. Kobe was cheated out of seeing his daughters grow up, to walk them down the aisle on their wedding day, grow old with his wife and to really soak in how much he was loved by his fans all over the World. There is no spin zone or optimistic way to think about this, it’s a tragedy, something that no child should have to deal with.

Aside from Kobe and Gianna, there were seven other passengers on-board this helicopter. I pray for their souls, their family and friends and I hope people who are hurt by the death of Kobe to take some time to think about these people as well. We don’t know exactly who these people are yet but when we do, it will only add more sadness to what is already a dreary day.

I think there are a few events that occur throughout the course of your lifetime where you will remember exactly where you were when you heard the news and regardless of how old you are, those memories will be vivid. For me, this will unfortunately be one of those days. It still seems like a cruel joke, something that couldn’t be a reality. Obviously, people will have a lot of things to say about Kobe in the coming days, weeks, and months but I hope we can remember him for his competitiveness, his drive, his successes after his playing career and the family man he chose to be. I think that video of him and Gianna sitting court-side, dissecting basketball will live forever. A Father and a Daughter, sharing a moment together, enjoying time with one another and bonding over a love for the game of basketball. I don’t know what awaits us after we die, do I go to church? Not often. BUT I do unequivocally believe in God and I pray every single day. I like to believe there is an eternal afterlife. I hope that Kobe and Gianna are in that eternal glory together, I hope their family can get through this, somehow, someway. I hope that everyone who reads this post takes a moment to call your loved ones, tell them what they mean to you and to always have each others back in times of need.

Say a prayer for the Bryant family and for the rest of the victims of this horrific tragedy and their families. I will have countless fond memories of Kobe as I am sure that all of you do too. This is an awful day, plain and simple.

We will have more on Kobe Bryant, his career and his death as more reports begin to develop and get confirmed.