Jeter Not Unanimous. Why Are You Surprised?

The Baseball Hall of Fame inductees were announced last night, and the internet exploded with Yankee fans screaming from the rooftops because Derek Jeter wasn’t elected as the second ever unanimous Hall of Famer.

Is Derek Jeter a Hall of Fame baseball player? Yes, of course he is, he had 3k hits, won 5 World Championships, had a career average over .300 – those are just a few of his accolades. He was the face of the greatest franchise in sports history for 20 years and he performed at a very high level for most of his tenure, especially in the post-season. In the biggest battle for New York City in this era, the 2000 World Series, Jeter and the Yankees defeated the Mets and won the World Series MVP.

With saying all that, the thought that Derek Jeter deserves to be a unanimous Hall of Famer based on the history of this voting system is insane. This system is obviously an imperfect system, some old, crusty, disgruntled baseball writers who are not willing to adapt to the internet and believe that print media is making a comeback get huddled in a room and decide who to vote for. It’s human instinct to snub someone you don’t like, had a bad experience with or to just be a contrarian. Would I have been shocked if Jeter became unanimous, absolutely not, but I am surprised with delusional Yankee fans who believe this is a huge injustice.

Growing up in New York, you are drawn to the Yankees, you root for the Yankees and the late 90’s – early 00’s Yankees are the teams I grew up with. Paul O’Neill is my favorite ballplayer of all time. When you hit around 13 years old and begin to develop your own brain and make decisions on your own, you cannot continue to root for the Yankees. Life as a Yankees fan is too easy, and do you really want to be associated with the “typical Yankee fans”. I defected, have been a miserable Dodgers fan ever since 07. If you choose to be a grown adult wearing your pinstripe Yankee jersey wide open, with your skin tight wife b on, while your Italian horn and crucifix is exposed and you are screaming “Come on Jeter, do it for Ronkonkoma” well that’s your business and you are probably a tool bag. Yankee fans are delusional, they are mad on twitter, calling into radio shows and howling because Jeter isn’t unanimous and frankly, who cares, he received 99.7 percent of the vote.

The real issue here is that Yankee fans refuse to look to the history of this voting system. Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr, Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax, Tom Seaver, Johnny Bench, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Mike Schmidt, George Brett, Roberto Clemente, Ernie Banks, Joe DiMaggio, Ty Cobb, Duke Snider were all players who were better than Derek Jeter and weren’t elected unanimously, these are just to name a few. Mariano Rivera, who at least was the most dominant and best player at his position during his era and arguably of all time, was elected unanimously to the HOF, well deserved. Jeter wasn’t even the best player at his position for most of his time in the big leagues and he’s certainly not the best Shortstop to ever be elected to the HOF. Just to remind everyone, here are some shortstops in the Baseball HOF/Should be** in the HOF that were not unanimous:
– Honus Wagner
– Alex Rodriguez **
– Cal Ripken Jr.
– Robin Yount
– Ernie Banks
– Ozzie Smith
– Barry Larkin
– Pee Wee Reese
– Luke Appling

Those are legends of the game and Jeter deserves to be in the discussion with all of them, he was better than some of them and not as good as some of them. Regardless, Jeter received more votes than all those guys.

Humble brag, I met Derek Jeter, can’t make fun of me, it was a Make A Wish, I was dying. He spent like a half hour with me, great dude. I am happy he’s in the HOF, he deserves it, he was a legend of the era I grew up in. One of the most clutch athletes to ever play sports. This isn’t a knock on him at all, it’s a knock on Yankee fans and just a reminder to sometimes, take a step back and try not to be an expert on everything, look at the history of the sport and realize this isn’t a surprise. Jeter deserves to be a first ballot HOF, celebrate that, don’t overshadow it with the bitterness of him not be a unanimous Hall of Famer.  I know baseball, I coach it, I grew up in a baseball family, I watch it, I have studied the game. I don’t claim to know anything else in the universe, so if you haven’t looked into the history of this flawed voting system, don’t be shocked, accept it and celebrate that one of the greatest players of our generation is taking his rightful place in Cooperstown, NY.