NFL Championship Weekend Washout Edition

Photo by George Keating on

We had two teams show up to play playoff caliber NFL football today. Sadly, they played in two different games and we sat on our couches like hostages consuming two blowouts.

We are prisoners of football. With only two games on, and only the Pro Bowl next week, we had to drink the warm flat soda of playoff wipeout football.

In the first game we were treated to a fake opening where the Titans opened a 17-7 lead over the Chiefs before the proceeded to get one first down over the next two quarters. Ryan Tannehill morphed back into Ryan Tannehill and Patrick Mahomes was always Patrick Mahomes.

The way the last two playoff games started for the Chiefs is reminiscent of lion cubs playing with a gazelle carcass before tearing it to shreds. They basically knew all along that they could beat a Bill O’Brien led Texans team and a Ryan Tannehill led Titans team. They knew it, and deep down we knew it too. This game turned into a blowout the same way last week’s matchup did. Once that Chiefs offense starts going and Mahomes figures out your defensive wrinkle of the week, its good night Irene.

In the second game, the Green Bay Packers didn’t even bother to show up until the start of the second half. They were absolutely DOG WALKED by the San Francisco 49ers. This version of the 9ers, were Jimmy Garoppolo is basically a very well paid GQ Alex Smith wins games. Jimmy G didn’t throw a pass in the third quarter. Raheem Mostert almost had 200 rushing yards AT THE HALF. It’s like when you’re running the same play over and over again in Madden just to see if you can win a game like that and you actually did.

Aaron Rodgers looked OLD until about halfway through the third quarter when he started absolutely slinging that thing around the field. Rodgers brought the Packers all the way into fake comeback territory before Mostert ran even further down the Packers defense’s throats and mercilessly ended the game.

Now, we must wait two straight weeks for the Super Bowl and all of the glitz and glamor that accompanies the big game. We must go through football withdrawal before we can have one last sip until September. For now, we must wait and experience what life will be like two weeks and one day from now for an entire summer.

We can do this, the promise of a great Super Bowl-led by young and exciting quarterbacks is here. We just have to be patient.