Who To Root For: Championship Sunday Part II

This is a huge watch party weekend so I am here to help you determine where your allegiance should be if you don’t have a dog in the fight.

We can’t over-emphasize the importance of your food choices this week. If you have a bad selection of snacks and food then people might conveniently have an excuse for your party on Super Sunday. Fire off every last bullet you have in the chamber this weekend, whatever you have been saving or the recipe you have had in your back pocket, now is the time to unleash it on your party guests and make it impossible for them to go anywhere else for the Super Bowl.

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If you get invited to a watch party tomorrow make sure you bring something to the table, literally and figuratively. You are being tested, will you get the Super Bowl invite if you get too drunk, fart into the couch cushions too much or bring some prepackaged stale cheese and crackers plate. Don’t be the fart guy and if you are going to unleash the beast onto the party then either attempt a bathroom run or you BETTER be the guy that brings the chicken wings, or some essential part of the party that can’t be left out.

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This is the final walk-through before we celebrate Super Bowl 54 together, one of our nations greatest holidays. Championship Sunday is a wonderful day, top of the line competition, two games in one day, the perfect way to not overwhelm yourself and be red-dead focused on football for 7-8 hours this Sunday.

So lets get to the game: The NFC Championship between The Green Bay Packers @ The San Francisco 49ers

The Classic Moment
Both of these organizations have plenty of classic moments, they are two of the most historic franchises in NFL history. Montana, Rice, Favre, Lombardi, Walsh, Holmgren, Lott, Reggie White, so on and so forth. These are the moments that I think of when I think of both these teams, let us start with the Packers.

This was the first Super Bowl that I can remember. The Packers vs Patriots, Favre’s first Super Bowl appearance, going up against Bill Parcells and the Patriots. We went to the bakery on Super Sunday and there were cookies with the logos of the Patriots and Packers and I remember my parents letting me pick the cookie of the team I wanted. I chose the Packers because I was a huge fan of Favre and when I was tossing the pigskin around the yard I used to pretend I was number 4, Brett Favre. Cookie was delicious by the way. Super Bowl 31 took place in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Super Dome, an iconic venue for the big game. Favre’s iconic moment, checking to an audible, hitting Risen deep and running off the field, helmet off and soaking in the moment of his career. The Pack would go onto win the Super Bowl.

So, obviously the 49ers have tons of Super Bowl memories or the most iconic play in their history is Montana to Clark AKA The Catch. That was way before my time, so I wanted to give a memory of the 49ers in my lifetime. Obviously, I want to pick a joyous memory for them, if I wasn’t so nice I would choose Eli and my New York Football Giants rolling into SF and winning the NFC title, en route to Eli’s second SB win. I will be the kind blogger that I am and cause myself heartbreak. I remember it like it was yesterday, the Giants went into San Fran in the 2002 Wild Card playoff game, Kerry Collins and the Giants got out to a HUGE lead and slowly, Jeff Garcia led the Niners to a comeback victory. The game ended on an iconic missed call that the NFL later admitted they had botched the call on the field. Niners beat the GMEN.

It doesn’t get much better than a New Orleans Super Bowl featuring Brett Favre. The audible was awesome, the throw was even better, Favre’s only title.
Edge: Green Bay Packers

GQ Coaches
Well, I am comfortable in my own skin, I will say it, these two Head Coaches are smokeshows. Let’s get to the tale of the tape:

Green Bay Packers Head Coach, Matt LaFleur
Born: November 14, 1979 Mount Pleasant, MI
Career Record: 14-3 (.824)
College: Saginaw Valley State
Notable Teams Coached As Assistant: Notre Dame, Rams, Titans, Falcons
Served Under: Sean McVay, Mike Vrabel, Dan Quinn, Mike Shanahan

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San Francisco 49ers Head Coach, Kyle Shanahan
Born: December 14 1979 Minneapolis, MN
Career Record: 24-25 (.490)
College: Texas
Notable Teams Coached As Assistant: Falcons, Browns, Redskins, Bucs
Served Under: Mike Shanahan, Dan Quinn, Jon Gruden, Gary Kubiak

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My wife is lucky I love her or I’d be sliding into the DM’s of Coach Shanahan.
Edge: San Fransisco 49ers

Mascots/Rallying Cry
49ers have Sourdough Sam who is an electric mascot. Look at this guy right here, the outfit, those stunning blue eyes. An everyday working man, throws the suspenders on, pulls up those work gloves and gets to mining. That’s America. The Packers have the cheeseheads, which are one of the most recognizable pieces of NFL gear. This is a tough choice.

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Sourdough Sam, that’s our choice. We can relate, to his work ethic and his passion for his team. Too much cheese is bad for your arteries.
Edge: San Francisco 49ers

Go to the party, the last weekend of multiple NFL games for the season and cheer on the 5x Super Bowl Champion, San Francisco 49ers.

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