Pucker Up! Time To Get Your Teeth Kicked In

Connor McGregor ended his Saturday Night fight against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in 20 seconds. McGregor UNLOADED two shoulders, a kick and then a multitude of mollywhops to the head of the Cowboy. Cerrone laid on the mat bloodier than Joe Pesci at the end of “Casino” and then McGregor got down on a knee and SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH. A nice little kiss to the top of Cerrone’s head. Talk about being emasculated, you literally just got your nose broken, laying on the ground a bloody mess and then your opponent kisses you on top of your head like you are a little golden retriever puppy.

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I am a huge boxing fan but admittedly this was my first time taking in an entire UFC card. I am hooked, what an awesome display of athleticism and courage, seriously, just absolute warrior type shit. I don’t claim to know anything about UFC, like i said, boxing is my thing but this is awesome and you should definitely give it a watch if you haven’t done so already, I am late to the party on this sport.

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There was a women’s fight earlier in the night and one of the fighters, partially tore her ACL and continued to fight, finished the fight and lost on points. Can you imagine that, one of the toughest things I have ever seen. If my eyes strain from too much screen time or my cuticle is cut too short I consider calling out sick and sleeping all day.

Not much hard hitting analysis here but this was just a fun experience, it sucked the fight only lasted about 11 seconds but hey, some great things can be experienced in that amount of time. I am hooked on this sport, a lot of fun to take in and for four and a half hours of fights to only pay $65 is far better than the value you get for a boxing match.