Championship Sunday Preview

Here we go, this upcoming weekend is the final four, Championship Sunday in the National Football League. For some reason, I am not as distraught about the end of this NFL season, perhaps it’s the XFL starting up and I have big hopes for that league to bridge the gap from NFL to MLB. I really love both of the match ups this weekend, all four teams have a cool story following them. Let’s look into the individual teams and then the games:

Green Bay Packers
The least likable team out of the four by a long shot, Rodgers rubs people the wrong way and with their winning history it’s tough to get behind them as a casual fan (we will be having part 2 of our who to root for series coming before the games). Their story, a first year Head Coach and an aging Quarterback who people were hesitant on their ability to gel together, they have proved the doubters wrong and were able to capture the #2 seed in the NFC.

San Francisco 49ers
The young coach in Kyle Shanahan who is trying to live up to his father’s success, Mike Shanahan won back to back Super Bowls with the Broncos in the late 90’s. In addition, they have Jimmy G (man crush city USA) the former Patriots backup who now has the chance to write his own chapter in history.

Tennessee Titans
We are on 24/7 manhood watch, Mike Vrabel is two wins away from snipping off the goods. The former Dolphins QB, who was left for dead in terms of ever being a starter again is now on the brink of going to the Super Bowl. Derrick Henry has the chance to have arguably the greatest postseason in NFL history if he can carry the load for another week and lead the Titans to their second Super Bowl in franchise history.

Kansas City Chiefs
They were beat in OT last year at home in the AFC Championship. They are determined to rewrite the script and Andy Reid is looking to get back to the Super Bowl for the second time in his career. Leading two separate teams to the Super Bowl would be a pretty remarkable feat. We also get one of the most electric QB’s in the league in Patrick Mahomes.

So, onto the games, one win away from the Super Bowl:

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs – Sunday 3:05pm
I love both of these teams, whoever wins is the team that I will be rooting for in the Super Bowl. I have always loved Andy Reid and the Titans are just an old school football team who can run the ball, play defense and are loaded with likable guys on both sides of the ball and on the sideline.

Derrick Henry is going to be a huge problem for Kansas City and I expect him to go for another 150+ yard performance on Sunday. This formula that the Titans are going with is obviously working. They have beaten the Pats and the Ravens both on the road, pretty impressive. They can play defense, they don’t ask Tannehill to do too much, but when they have asked him to perform, he has answered the bell, since he has taken over in Tennessee he has been more than consistent.

The Chiefs are hungry, the comeback against Houston is one of those momentum type of games that can propel you to a championship. Their offense just keeps coming after teams, they are legitimately never out of a game, as they proved last weekend. Mahomes flew under the radar this year with the Lamar Jackson noise but he reminded us all just how good he actually is with the performance against Houston.

This game is tough, trust me, I want to pick Tennessee, I really do but I think this Kansas City offense is going to be a bit too much for Tennessee and this might be Andy Reid’s time to get back to the big game. I think it will be close until the end, then KC pulls away.
Kansas City 38 – Tennessee 27

Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers – Sunday 6:40pm
Last weekend the 49ers home crowd was impressive, the stadium was much louder than I expected it to be. I like the way this team grounds and pounds teams to death. Shanahan has it in his blood to plug in random running backs and have them all run wild on teams, his father made a career out of it. Jimmy G is asked to do as much as Tannehill but for the most part, he was good last weekend except for the one interception which was a horrible play, other than that, he has done exactly what Shanahan has asked him to do this season.

The Packers are going to have to rely on Rodgers obviously, the defense is better but they are going to need a big performance against the 49ers run game. I have a tough time counting out Rodgers in any game, especially the NFC Championship back in his old stomping grounds, Cali brahhh.

This is going to be close and lets get crazy, I like Rodgers to tie this game up late in the 4th and then the Niners win this one in OT.
San Francisco 27 – Green Bay 24

Two weeks of NFL football left until next September sports fans, enjoy every second of it. Time to get your food choices selected for Super Sunday, I placed my sub platter order tonight (Boar’s Head Cold Cuts only). Have a weekend!