Red Sox And Cora Call It Quits

The report just came out that the Red Sox have parted ways with their manager Alex Cora after two seasons. It appears that Cora was the mastermind behind the 2017 Astros cheating scandal and it seems he carried it over to Boston when he was hired as manager before the 2018 season. The Red Sox would go onto win the World Series over the Dodgers in five games. The Dodgers being beaten by cheaters in back to back seasons is pretty tough to handle right now, it really sucks. You can’t tell me that the Red Sox weren’t using the same techniques as Houston, Cora doesn’t just all of a sudden stop after the success he saw with Houston in 2017. I am sure when the additional findings come out, the Red Sox are going to receive the same type of fines and draft purges as the Astros are dealing with.

I’m not surprised by this move at all, the Red Sox have a new General Manager and they don’t want to deal with this nonsense by keeping Cora around until he gets suspended, his suspension would have been worse than the suspension that AJ Hinch received.

With spring training about a month away I think the Red Sox will bring in someone from the outside to coach the 2020 Sox. Chaim Bloom and Brian O’ Halloran are going to look to bring in their own Manager and there are speculations that the Red Sox might be trading away guys like Betts in order to bring an influx of young talent. Here are my top five candidates to be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox:

1. Jason Varitek
– He is a Red Sox legend, his name was tossed around when Cora got the job and Varitek has remained a part of the Sox organization. Former catchers usually have success as managers and with Varitek’s understanding of the history of the Sox, his championship pedigree and the fans fondness of him, it would make sense.

2. Buck Showalter
– If the Red Sox decide to rebuild in a sense and go with a majority of young talent then Showalter could be their man. He has a lot of experience battling it out in the AL East and he has been successful everywhere he has been, especially with young ball clubs. He has the perfect temperament to handle the high pressure job of managing the Boston Red Sox.

3. Sandy Alomar Jr.
– He was the runner up for the Sox job a few years back. He has learned under former Red Sox manager and in my opinion one of the best managers in all of baseball, Terry Francona. He has been a coach in the Mets and Indians organization since 2008.

4. Raul Ibanez
– His name has been floated around for open manager jobs for the last few years and is currently a special advisor in the Dodgers front office. He would be a first time manager but obviously the Red Sox are comfortable going in the route, Cora was a first time manager and they were able to have success* with him.

5. Ron Roenicke
– The Red Sox might want a clean break from the Cora era but if they choose to stay within the current staff then Roenicke would be the guy for the job. The former Brewers manager and Dodgers third base coach is respected throughout the game and he could be tagged with the interim duties for the 2020 season.

This Astros saga is certainly going to shake up baseball and it will be interesting to see how the Red Sox and Astros perform this season with both teams having to deal with staff overhauls and constant questions surrounding the stealing of signs. 28 days until spring training, can’t wait!