GEAUX TIGERS! LSU Are The National Champions

15-0, the perfect season for the LSU Tigers. If you can’t be happy for Coach O, then you have a big ol’ dump in your pants. Born and bred in Louisiana, Coach O was able to return home and deliver a national title for LSU and the entire state of Louisiana. The last three LSU coaches have won the big game, Saban, Miles and now Coach O.

Joe Burrow is hands down the greatest collegiate Quarterback I have ever seen play. He is going to be a star in the NFL. His ability to extend the play, make the deep throw and put the ball right between the receivers numbers when he needs to is a pleasure to watch. The Cincinnati Bengals will do everything in their power to ruin him and I hope they don’t, he is such an exciting player to watch.

This game was all LSU from about midway through the first quarter, Clemson got out early but once LSU settled in, they proved what we all knew, they were the best team in the country. LSU was superior the entire season, they beat all the best teams and most of the time, they did it pretty easily. For the first time all year, LSU was trailing by double digits, no problem for this Tiger’s team, they proved their motto true, one heartbeat one team. They battled, took back the lead and never looked back.

Bourbon street is going to be a circus tonight and into the early morning. Actually as I write this, we are already welcoming in Tuesday morning, god speed to the french quarter. Coach O might be running the streets shirtless with a gumbo dispensing helmet while shotgunning red bull and straight grain alcohol.

By no means is this the end for Clemson, Lawrence had an awful game tonight but it happens. He was 29-0 entering this game, with a Natty already under his belt, not too shabby. Dabo and Clemson will be back.

Tonight is about LSU and the phenomenal season they had, throughout the game, the defense made huge stops in crucial situations, Burrow to Moss, Burrow to someone else, Burrow to someone else again. Coach O has brought the title home to Louisiana, Geaux Tigers indeed.